#27 Another Shape Shifter type

Image: Shape shifter of the mental variety.     I was working for a company in Scottsdale dealing in brain entrainment technology.  This involved a small electronic box with headphones and sunglasses embedded with pulsating LEDs. At the time I was the National Sales Manager. After a few years with them I was terminated and(…)

#26 Story continues: Children of the Light?

It worked like this: The Pleiadians believe that if one makes a commitment it is an important spiritual contract. NOT to do what one commits to others will require a kind of retribution for the infraction. Here is an example they gave: A famous movie director had agreed to assist the Pleiadians in production a documentary of the(…)

#25 Story continues: Children of the Light?

My experience with Judith launched me into a greater determination to know the truth about God. I had my auto accident and was not dead. I’d had several synchronistic meetings with authors about space subjects that defied my beliefs. I’d had invisible entities talk to me and apparently use another person to heal me of things modern medicine did(…)

#24 Gift from my Dolphin Friends

IMAGE: Scan of postcard sent to me by “Alice” after the Dolphins gave me a mission to send a message for them. [Jumping forward in my story] It was now about three days before I was due to leave for Oregon to attend the conference known as World Symposium On Interspecies & Interdimensional Communication hosted(…)

#23- More on shape shifters I’ve met

As I stated previously, I’ve met several shape shifters. Not all of them are ET’s. Our world also has its share of strangeness. I never had any idea that some  humans of our world could shift. This next true event I experienced was both wonderful and disturbing at the same time. I was attending a(…)

#22-Story Continues: More on Angels in the Desert?

Robert came out of a back room and said Judith would be ready shortly. She was meditating. Ten minutes or so later he came to me and escorted me to a small bedroom converted to an office or studio. In there was a sofa, two chairs and a massage table where Judith lay on her(…)

#21-Story Continues: Angels in the Desert?

Image: Store Card   Richard, Lee and Mr. S. were the main conversationalists and I was mostly a silent witness. Lee did however invite me to his home in northern Arizona to learn more about the Meier case. I was totally mesmerized by the stories I’d heard that most probably never will be publicly disclosed. Over(…)

#20-Story continues: There are no coincidences.

Image: Cydonia on Mars (excerpt  public Nasa Image) His was one of the names listed in the publication of Volume One of UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES with publishers called Genesis Three. I had no reason to meet him personally as I just wanted  the books. I sent a mail order. The books arrived and I now(…)

#19-Story continues: more stage setting.

In these same few months I had begun to receive a few customers who were asking about a book called UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES. Another book came out after COMMUNION called LIGHTYEARS by Gary Kinder. In that UFO book it discussed a case in Switzerland regarding a guy named Billy Meier. It also mentioned(…)

#18-Story continues: More on why not dead.

Finally, he gave me a sheaf of Xerox copies of some gally-like pages from a soon to be published book by a guy he knew . The pages were copies of copies and the photos were faint. Still the text was readable. The book was about some anomalies found on the surface of Mars. A large(…)

#17-Story continues: more as to why I was not dead.

Early on in this narrative, I spoke briefly about having past life memories that I never discussed. Those memories began to resurface along with many seemingly synchronistic events while I was trying very hard to keep from losing everything again. Life was stressful. We decided to visit my in-laws in Phoenix over the week end. On(…)

#16-Story Continues: Not dead … but why?

From book Chapter 6: A woman in a small car had plowed into me going over 60MPH.  I was at a full stop. She and her three children were killed. Others were involved when her car spun out across highway lines. My car was telescoped to a third of its size. I was sitting on the sidewalk across(…)

#15-Answer : Pineal Gland Part 2

Let’s take a look at the function of the Pineal as a portal. It is much like your device for viewing the internet. It is a physical device that gives your SPACE-TIME body and awareness access to the multi-universal TIME -SPACE information. Many names are given over the millenia for this information source. Matrix, Akashic(…)

#14-Answer to Comment Question: Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland resembles a pine cone.   On a previous post I stated that you have many God-like abilities which are accessed through your physical pineal gland , at least in part. Your DNA strands also connect to certain abilities and are used simultaneously with the pineal. I won’t wast time here describing the(…)

#13-Types of Shape shifters encountered.

Long before it became popularized I encountered several different types of beings on our world who aren’t what they appear on the surface to our vision. From my experience I have seen these three versions of shape shifting. 1)  Actual physical change. 2)  Mental projection of a shape that is not really there.  The shifter(…)

#12-Story continues: 1-25-13 Setting the stage.

As I said earlier, Mark gave me enough social knowledge and kicks in the pants to allow me to locate and eventually marry my first wife E. It is not surprising to me today in retrospect, that I was led, yes led , to E.  Her family would play the next role in my strange life leading(…)

#11-Story continues: 1-24-13 b People and Pimpmobiles

Our family usually got together at nightly meals and for some weekend jaunts. We also used the standard American 2 or 3 week vacation to travel or go camping when Dad and Mom, sometimes with Grandma, would explore parts of America. I really enjoyed those times … but again they did not give me that individual feeling(…)

#10-Story continues: 1-24-13 Purple gorillas?

That same year after the ‘event’ in class with the Dr.Von Braun  and his military associates, I began to read real books as opposed to my usual comic book selections. My first ever hardcover book to read [and was checked out of the school library] was “Red Planet Mars” by Robert Heinlein. I don’t know why the(…)

#9-Cydonia Mars – Phoenix Arizona Related? 1-23-13

Below you see a scan of the original Mailgram I sent to myself in 1987. This was sent to make sure proof existed in the future that at least we tried to make a difference. Richard Hoagland and I co-authored the document which was presented to the City of Phoenix before major media. Unfortunately, clandestine(…)

#8-Wisdom note: 1-23-13

Today I decided to change the way I’d originally planned to tell my story. I’m going to leave out much of my personal life history and simply tell each event I think is important for others to know. Then I’ll add the in-be-tween events that fill in the gaps. For today I have added some(…)

#7-Story continues: 1-22-13 b

  We moved to a new neighborhood in north east Phoenix when I was around seven. The school was  known as Elementary #2 and is now under a freeway with concrete pavement. At the time though, the little development known as Womack Homes was where many executives for major military- industrial complex companies lived. This was(…)

#6-Story continues 1-22-13

Chapter Three My parents moved to Phoenix, Arizona when I was about four or five. My father worked, for a new company called Sperry Flight Systems. He was an electronic tech and eventually retired from that company after many years of service. My recollection of that time was living in a small apartment complex in a sort(…)

#4-WISDOM Notes: These things you to can do and more…

As I stated in an earlier post, I will give wisdom I have learned from my experiences. One very important one is that while in your flesh body you have access to EVERY God-Like power demonstrated by any and all so called masters throughout history and more. Notice I used the word access. I didn’t(…)

#5-Story continues: 1-21-13

CHAPTER TWO I always thought little gray and bluish men were normal playmates when I was in my crib at age 2’ish. These little guys would take my mom and I onto their silver disc shaped craft and we’d go for a trip somewhere. My most vivid memory of this interaction with these little guys(…)

#2 WISDOM NOTE 1-21-13

The story will continue in the next post shortly. My usual writing style is to lead the reader through all the facts and experiences then conclude with the point of the story. This time I shall give all of you who have an interest, the bottom lines of my experiences then you can continue reading(…)

#3-The Letter

Dear Lee, The following letter was sent to the Urantia foundation in 1993. It is self explanatory. Their response was quite insulting. I now use the David (xxxxx) name due to some powerful dreams two years ago instructing me to use that name henceforth for my public appearances. I look forward to hearing from you once you(…)

*#1-Begin :God Doesn’t Need A Starship [A true story about a strange life.] Copyright 2009 By David (XXXXX)

“Scotty, one to beam up!” (From the original Star Trek] By Gene Roddenberry As I sit at a very old style electric typewriter in a Federal Prison library I’m reminded of how much technology has changed even in my short 55 years of life. I remember when I was about five and my father brought(…)

My book.

I’ve written a book which I may make available after I see the response to this blog site. It’s called “God Doesn’t Need a Starship” which is created from a line from one of the Star Trek movies.   You might have seen it. Kirk and Crew were basically hijacked by a Vulcan seeking his(…)

A few words before I begin.

A few words before I begin my story. Much of what you will read will seem like so much science fiction or fantasy. It is however my personal experience and I have not added anything to my experiences to make them more appealing to a reader. It was what it was. Some people who were(…)

Hello world!

Welcome! This is my personal experience. In September of 1987 I was taken off world and shown many things. It has taken me over 25 years to decide to share the full story.   You don’t have to believe anything I write herein. I am not seeking to start any following based on my experience.(…)