#70 Chogha ZanBil mystery

In Iran , Persia, Elamite. This particular post involves  another person whom I met while incarcerated as a political prisoner detailed in other posts. I was teaching Urantia Book basics for other interested inmates when a man approached me with quite a story. His name  is Lindsay [last name withheld]. He knew nothing about the(…)

#69 Stillness as a survival skill.

          When you think of the word stillness what comes to mind? Quiet? No breeze? Not moving? Still water? Something else? The kind of stillness to which I refer is stillness of mind in a listening mode. It can be considered a kind of meditation yet it need not be as(…)

#68 Non Local Awareness as a survival skill

Non Local Awareness is a scientific term used to describe many varied modes of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Remote viewing is the natural ability all humans have to sense information anywhere through time and space. It has only a few restrictions. Remote Influencing is related. It is the natural human ability to influence outcomes(…)

#66 Theraputic Touch as a survival skill.

I first learned bout this technique when I was apparently healed regarding lung and back problems as noted in Post # 22. It was reinforced by many personally observed results in others when I was working as a building manager at the Human Enhancement Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. [ It’s no longer there.] There are  two(…)

#65 More on Aliens and Security…

  About a year later from the ball field event I was approached by a man I knew personally. He was located in a wing of the prison below mine and farther to the east. He was and probably still is an entertainer seen often on comedy programs. He has a stage name and I(…)

# 65 Aliens Don’t Worry About Security …

Shortly I’m going to change my topical stream of posts from the strange ET experiences for a few posts to those involving what you need to know for survival. Simple explanations… not long involved processes. You can get those information sources elsewhere and I’ll give you links to those sources. This post is about more(…)

#64 Things I can’t talk about…

  This is a short note. There are many things I would love to tell but cannot. Others could be harmed. There are many events I have experienced that involve people still alive and so very powerful in the world I’m sure I would simply have some kind of unusual accident or suffer an odd(…)

#63 What is the Future I was shown?

    It is important that you understand that this is NOT some kind of prophesy. Back in 1987 I was shown a PROBABLE future as it pertains to my life sequence in this time frame. It was explained to me that the longer one looks into the future of events the greater the probability(…)

#62 Earthquake Generations

When Hoagland was staying at my place in Casa Grande a few days while we prepared the draft of the Phoenix Sister City proposal he made a number of calls to others on his agenda. One of those was the author of a book called We are the Earthquake Generation, by Jeffery Goodman. Goodman made(…)

#61 This is embarrassing …

This post is a bit embarrassing. Talk about making wrong choices in life when presented with a life path opportunity. I was manning a booth at the Focus on You whole life expo in San Diego where I was also speaking with a man named Bill Cooper author of a now well known book Behold(…)

# 60 Secret Meeting of the Elite

  In post number  9 I told the story of presenting a sister city proposal to the city of Phoenix. Preparing for that event took some time as it was potentially politically risky. What most people did not know at the time is that the city was run by a group of individuals who were(…)

# 59 The Phoenix Lights

I was there. Like tens of thousands of individuals I too watched the gigantic spacecraft overhead. It wasn’t just lights like you might see described in many news casts from the time. I lived in Cass Grande a town between Phoenix and Tucson. I was traveling home from Phoenix at dusk when it appeared over(…)

# 58 Another update for post # 32

I managed to locate my original tape of my very first public presentation of the Meier material. I have edited a small portion of the material in the form of the opening introduction and my first words at the Tucson, Arizona Symposium for Interdimensional and Interspecies Communication hosted by Planetary Citizens a UN sponsored organization(…)

# 57 Miracle or Human ability?

  One more memorable story from the symposium near My. Shasta. After my first day of presentation we all met as separate groups of “pods” a term used to describe family groups of dolphins and other sea creatures like whales. My pod was typical, consisting of seven members. Nicole was one of the members, two(…)

#56 More from the Mt. Shasta Symposium: Nicole

Returning to my experiences with the Planetary Citizens Inter dimensional and Inter Species symposium near Mount Shasta in Oregon. One of the participants was a beautiful young woman named Nicole. She had met me in Scottsdale earlier that year at the company I worked with as National Sales Manager. Nicole was French-Canadian and had that(…)

#55 Update to Post #33

As promised weeks ago, I have added excerpts from a radio show in Kansas City,Mo. where the ETs apparently assisted with keeping THEIR story clean. Remember this show was in the 1988-89 time frame so my quality is not like today’s broadcast quality. You can click here to go directly to that post:  Post #33(…)

#54 What it’s like dealing with Aliens

Individuals have many different types of interactions with ET’s. I’ve been writing in this blog of many types I’ve encountered in my short life. Often though, when you agree to do something with some ET groups the way in which they communicate can be challenging. I often wondered if they were showing me a kind(…)

#53 My First Beamship Sighting

As I stated in my last post, I traveled up to visit with my parents near a town called Heber in Arizona. It was Thanksgiving in November. Originally I had determined not to travel there that year because of many factors but after my odd laughing incident at the Human Enhancement Center my desire to(…)

#52 Gray monkey business.

Posts # 28, 29 and 30 described my interactions with Volney and John. Not long after Volney and John left the Center I finally agreed to allow Klaus to perform a kind of spiritual processing on me. The process is generally known as connected breathing. Connected breathing involves lying down comfortably and taking deep, fast(…)

#51 Be careful what you ask for.

I had returned from the Ashland symposium a few months earlier and that period of strangeness led to my divorce after 17 years of marriage. I left with only a hundred dollars to my name and needed cash to live. I had a few prized possessions which I wanted with me. Otherwise , I left(…)

#50 More ET experiences on my Radio shows

  First with Richard H’s radio shows then later with my own as a guest I was encountering more and more individuals calling me for private discussion regarding their own experiences. I will relate a few here. First, I want to acknowledge that these individuals were quite brave in discussing their experiences. This was over(…)

#49 Announcement again.

The past life section is being completed.  Most sections are now completed and active.