#82 You can prove there is a higher power … God … so to speak.

Before you read the following rest at ease… this isn’t some religious posting in the traditional sense. It IS something for you to consider when thinking about what comes after death… Most humans tend to rely upon that term called “faith” or “belief” in determining that there is a divine force we commonly call God(…)

#81 K.E.Y. MacGyvering Shelter and Security

  This is the last of some basic preparedness suggestions. I do not wish to belabor the many aspects of preparedness as you can do that research for yourself. Many others have already provided in depth information for you on YouTube and in print. I do not wish to make it seem as if there(…)

# 80 K.E.Y. MacGyvering Food.

    If you are like many, living from paycheck to paycheck, it may not be possible to stock up on lots of food in a short period of time. It also may not be possible to can your own food like you see in the image at the left. First, if you DO have(…)

# 79 K.E.Y. MacGyver-ing Survival Water

If you should find yourself experiencing a long term emergency situation requiring survival skills you will need to be concerned about these areas in this order of priority: Water     Food Shelter   And security for all of those. If you are in a cold area or in winter heat will be a priority with(…)

#78 K.E.Y. Survival Suggestion – What to do FIRST.

MORE Knowledge Empowers You … A first step for survival. [NOTE: Not all of my posts will be about survival techniques. I simply want you to begin gathering  information for that JUST IN CASE scenario. To make it easier for you to distinguish my strange life posts from survival posts I will ad the title K.E.Y.(…)

#77 Knowledge Empowers You – Surviving Great Changes

        For over thirty years I’ve written about many of the same topics I’ve seen presented on other web sites like Rumor Mill News ( RMN) and a host of other venues. In truth I’ve known many of the authors  presented on such sites from time to time. During those same years(…)

#76 How to contact me if you wish.

I’ve received some inquiry as to the best way to contact me. This site has always had a message that the best way to contact me is through my publisher at link: Tuscan Sky Publishing by using the email located there.   At the request of several new readers you may also use this link(…)

#75 An example of our world’s problems.

I stopped writing posts for a while due to my own life challenges this year. So, here I continue with posts as they occur in my life today.     I was sitting in a local coffee shop with a copy of the big blue Urantia Book sitting on my table. I do this every(…)