#97 Geo-Engineering continued Part 4.

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#96 Geo-Engineering continued Part 3.

Before continuing on possible dual agendas being performed right in front of our perception, let’s answer a serious question. Why would anyone want to knowingly work for an agenda that would harm human kind? What could an ET master offer a human minion who already had money and power beyond what they could ever use(…)

# 95 Geo-Engineering continued Part 2.

Let’s look at geo-engineering from an atmospheric perspective. Throughout recorded history this lush oxygen rich world has steadily declined in a way less favorable to humans. In areas of the world where trees and vegetation are scarce, warfare has been prolific. Volney mapped such areas with historical trends. His data showed that those areas indeed(…)

# 94 Volney Stefflre and the Original Alien Geo-engineering Agenda Report.

  “There are some things in the world that are out of your control, and other things in the World that you can influence through your efforts.”                       Professor Volney Steffler, 1990 This post is one of my efforts to influence an outcome. Contained within my(…)