#68 Non Local Awareness as a survival skill

Non Local Awareness is a scientific term used to describe many varied modes of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

Remote viewing is the natural ability all humans have to sense information anywhere through time and space. It has only a few restrictions.

Remote Influencing is related. It is the natural human ability to influence outcomes through time and space. It is limited by universal free will rules.

Thus the idea of being aware of information outside of your immediate physical environment brought about the concept of NLA. [non local awareness]

There are many on line resources for learning how to do various variations of NLA and I will give you a few herein as my basic goal is to give you an immediate opportunity to know that it exists. There are many books written by others who are long time practitioners of the NLA subjects which I shall recommend herein.

I originally desired to learn the Remote Viewing aspect of NLA to visit Mars to confirm for myself the existence of our history on that world. It had everything to do with my past life memory of about 500,000 years ago as detailed in my Past Lives section of this blog site.

When I tell people about NLA the usual reaction from religious types is that it is a form of witchcraft and thus evil. They are the individuals who will not survive very well in near term catastrophes. Religion has often used the threat of some form of “punishment” by God for those who develop their ability.

That is a basic lie enabling priesthoods to maintain control over the masses of followers … no matter how nice you think your religious leader might be.

The truth is … EVERYONE has the natural ability for NLA because the Creator has freely given it to you as part of the human experience. It exists because your Creator by what ever name you choose to call your Creator …  is part of you.

Many human practitioners of NLA themselves, whether by design or ignorance, often try to make others feel as if NLA is hard and requires much ritualistic discipline to achieve. I disagree. You have the ability as natural as breathing and actually use it all the time … you simply do not pay attention to those abilities for one reason or another.

I will agree that all practitioners of NLA are correct in that it takes some time to master the abilities in the same way it takes time to learn anything through experience. One stumbles as a child learning to walk until one learns to run easily. NLA is similar. It can happen as fast as you desire to learn and experience.

Without going into advanced learning and practice I give you this simple methodology to understand NLA on several levels so you can choose to pursue it deeper with personal practice.


 NLA Seeing:

Where ever you are right now take a moment to visualize your bathroom. You immediately had an image come into your mind didn’t you?

You could see a kind of dream-like image that was anywhere from foggy to clear in your image. You have always believed that such imagery is a function of your memory reconstructing how you last saw your bathroom.

Actually, NLA has imagery that feels and looks the same as memory images until you learn how to distinguish between MEMORY images and REAL IMAGES.

The only way to learn how to make that leap of understanding is by practicing.

Practicing is done through a number of exercises using what is known as TARGETING. Targeting is useful in “SEEING” time and space events or objects when one begins learning. The resources I recommend at the end of this post will teach you that in detail. What I want you to know is that the various recommended modes of learning are not necessary for you to become proficient.

You might not have time to practice any particular mode of learning before you need it in the near term time frame.

So practice this. Choose something you would like to know about. Something simple and verifiable … like what a friend or loved one is wearing  or doing RIGHT NOW.

Write it down with date and time of your observation/ sensing.

Contact them now and ask them what they are doing or wearing.  This will be your verification process to determine if you imagined the information or were actually “observing”.

Don’t be discouraged if you are wrong in your first few tries. It is normal for your very creative mind to overlay its memory information in an effort to please your conscious efforts in trying NLA.

Here is an important process. Never second guess information. YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE RIGHT ONE. IF you take more than a few seconds to write down your impression your mind will change the information to a fantasy image.

Keep it simple. If you envision the color blue as something that is being worn by your intended friend then use only that idea at first. Do not try to identify what is blue … such as jeans. Just verify they were wearing blue.

Next time try to get a first impression of what the color is as well as if it was a certain object such as shoes, a blouse or perhaps pants.

As you continue to use various practice techniques you begin to know when you are right in time space sensing as opposed to imagining something.

Eventually, you will begin to do what is called BI-LOCATION in your sensing. You see so clearly you actually see things as if you were there in person.

AND YOU ARE! YOu know your body is HERE but your sensing is THERE!

It takes practice to learn to TRUST what you are sensing is accurate. That is what takes so long to get good at NLA. KNOWING what you sense is accurate.

Over time I will post different practice techniques I have found to be easy, fun and fast for learning.


Part of our ability to sense with NLA involves the sense of TOUCH. This is related to the Theraputic Touch described in the previous post.

In this case though, you will sense the physical condition of another living being whether human, plant, animal or other life form.

The easiest way to practice is to draw on a piece of paper a stick figure of the life form you want to sense remotely. Or you can use an actual photograph of the person/ lifeform.

Like this stick figure.Stick figure

It does not need to be perfect. It does not need to be on paper. It could be drawn in the dirt with a stick. All it is is a focus point for your personal frame of reference..

Here is how you use it. I will illustrate with a real life example. I you first read about theraputic touch it will enhance your understanding.

I was with a man who was separated from his son for many months. He could only call his son on specified times and dates for legal reasons. He constantly worried about the wellbeing of his son. Only through these occasional visits by phone could he learn of his son’s present condition emotionally or physically.


I showed him this simple technique of NLA TOUCH. [which can include emotional state].

I drew the same stick figure as you see above. I moved my open, outstretched hand over the drawing quickly feeling with my fingers any differences in areas of the drawing.

I felt a definite tingling sensation over the area of right knee or that part of the leg. My first impression was pain.

So the man could verify this he called his son that evening which was one of his pre arranged contact times.

He opened his conversation with his son of age ten, ” Hi  Billy! What did you do to your leg?”

“Dad! How did you know! I skinned my knee when I fell off my bike!”

The man had immediate confirmation of the ability to sense the physical condition of another remotely. Using a simple stick figure.

You can use this same technique to sense unseen problems with physical condition clear down to the cellular levels on a living being. You can use this same technique to locate anything on maps or photos when you have no evidence of where something might be. You can use this same technique to SEND energy to a living being for acceleration of healing. There are many uses of NLA Touch.

Once again practice makes you proficient.


NLA Influencing:

Depending on your attainment of proficiency with NLA abilities you can practice remote influencing. This ability is the most restricted of abilities by your Creator since it has potential effect over the free will of others. Usually this ability is best practices with animals or insects or inanimate objects.

Here are a few simple an non-harmful practice ideas.

While sitting in a public place like a mall coffee shop, see someone you don’t know and observe them a moment. SEE them having an itch on their neck or head. Nothing more. You will often see the individual immediately scratch that exact spot. In similar fashion you can send them a clear thought that someone is watching them and you can image your location as if seeing through their eyes. They will turn to look at your location.

These practices for humans are non-harmful. Any attempt to use your ability to do anything harmful will be blocked by your internal Creator link.

You can practice on animals in a non -harmful manner. While enjoying a quiet moment outdoors, observe any animal or bird or insect. IMAGINE you are looking through its eyes. Have it look at you at your location from its perspective. Give it the idea that it is curious about you and give it the idea to move closer to you for better observation without fear. Watch as it comes closer to you as you have directed.

There are many other living and non living things you can practice with which I will not describe here. Plants are one of those things. They do sense your thoughts and emotions. I recommend you watch an old movie called the Secret World of Plants. It is from the 1960’s but will open your eyes to many unseen mysteries of NLA.


NLA Resources can be found at this link:     GO HERE  NLA RESOURCES




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