# 79 K.E.Y. MacGyver-ing Survival Water


If you should find yourself experiencing a long term emergency situation requiring survival skills you will need to be concerned about these areas in this order of priority:

Water     Food
Shelter   And security for all of those.

If you are in a cold area or in winter heat will be a priority with your shelter.

Let’s start with WATER.

There are plenty of YouTube and print sources for learning about water purification and storage.

There are a few links at the end of this post to get you started.

I want you to look around your home and neighbors for the less common elements one might think about.

If you had not stored bottled water and something were to happen remember… you have water in your toilet tanks. Not the bowel, that would require some purification for sure.

The tank has tap water. HOWEVER DO NOT USE IT IF YOU ARE USING ANY  KIND OF IN TANK CHEMICAL CLEANER. If you have been using such convenience cleaner STOP. Take it out of your tank and thoroughly flush any remaining chemical out of the tank.

Then you can rely upon that tank for future emergencies.

Your bath tub or hot tub, and other tank like objects can store water. As soon as you know something is amiss … FILL those reservoirs with fresh water before your municipal supply stops working.

Also, make a note of outside sources. Swimming pools (even if treated with chemicals), fountains, canals, rain barrels … anything you might notice in the neighborhood. All of these sources can be purified through various means in emergency situations.

DO NOT  consider water from automobile radiators. These days most have been treated with chemicals that you will not be able treat safely.

DO however notice if your neighbors tend to keep e gallon or two of drinking water stored in their cars. Often times work trucks will have large water dispensers as part of their daily resource on the job.

IF you have a need to purify water the sun is one of your best resources.

Use the internet to learn how to build simple SOLAR STILLs using plastic or other clear material … which leads us back to your home for bits and pieces that will assist you.

Window panes, shower doors, pots and pans with glass lids,  rolls of clear plastic food wrap, plastic trash bags, even shower curtains can all be used to make simple solar water distillers. Don’t forget the glass pane on your backyard grill or the glass in your automobile and even the glass in picture frames.

Remember, knowing about your home inventory and inventory nearby will make a huge difference in a very challenging situation. If and when events get better it is all replaceable.

One last resource most will not think about … but is in good supply during the spring and summer to early fall… plants and grass. All contain water in their lovely greenness. Clippings from green plants can be used in a ground type solar still. Watch the videos below.

Here are some links to just a few resources for solar stills.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POBdiOssHbI About two minutes. Very simple.

Another way using discarded items. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxMRpql7Ook about two minutes. Also simple.

More advanced about 9 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m408EZTGD64

Here are some resources for other ways to distill water . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR_pBHV7hRA

The next KEY POST will be involved with the subject of food.