#83 Understanding Time Travel From Several Points of View. SPACE-TIME.


I was asked what my observations were regarding time since I have traveled in time in various ways including to a point called no space-no time.

I want to make my position very clearI DO NOT HAVE any kind of time travel device. I am not discussing the mathematics or physics of time travel. I AM disclosing my conceptual understanding of time as learned in my off world experiences and how one can use their own body to view time based events without the need for any apparatus. I am writing this in a format that I hope anyone can fathom. Any high IQ types will have their patience tested. I am NOT telling anyone how to travel in time physically though I will disclose a story or two about others (ET’s) techniques.

With that necessary group of disclaimers made we can begin.

Notice the shape of the hourglass. You can imagine time, as we perceive it in this reality, as linear with the upper reservoir of sand representing events yet to come, the constriction point (gateway) for the sand as the present or now and the lower reservoir of sand representing the past as the grains of sand have already passed through the now. The grains of sand represent events we experience.

This is a good representation of SPACE-TIME perception by an individual visually. You are in space-time now. You perceive events relative to yourself as either future, past or now.

One must understand how we perceive time based events in the linear first before we can discuss time travel concepts.

Time in a universal sense can be thought of as a torus or more correctly a torsion field in this shape. A kind of sphere like this image.

torus 21015649_s


  If we look at such a sphere(torus) in cross section we might imagine this image.




Notice the similarity to the side view of the hour glass. A kind of funnel above, a constriction point and a funnel below. The other areas outside this hour glass shape you can think of as the universe(s) of possibilities. The place where the sand (events) is/are stored relative to ourselves.

If you could imagine yourself standing at the constriction point, the gateway, between what seems to be above you and below you, you would be experiencing something similar to the sand moving through the hour glass. Of course it would not be sand but instead PERCEIVED EVENTS of what you imagine to be your reality.

Imagine that from your position in this imaginary hour glass, filled with events surrounding you, the sands of time are apparently flowing from above through you and down to your feet.

As each event flows through you as an experience, you perceive only what is before your physical senses … much like a film being played out in front of you on a screen. You perceive one event following another in sequence so that it makes sense to you as the observer, like one grain of sand at a time moving through your field of view.

If you were located inside the sphere of potential life events, like this image of a person running inside a sphere, with the many possible variations through free will choice surrounding you, like the points on the sphere surface, you might notice that the runner inside only perceives what is straight ahead while the many points of the sphere move about unnoticed.

time 17411534_s


The runner inside senses what is in front, what is left behind and the location of the present moment. If the runner looks to either side the choice of focus direction is changed and a shift in events occurs.

This is a rather simplistic way of perceiving linear time but it will suffice for when we change our perception to that of TIME-SPACE which is an opposite to what we naturally experience as SPACE-TIME. In SPACE-TIME like the runner we run in only one direction in a linear fashion. Of course we can run backwards but our sensing is still linear … one foot in front of another. This is how we experience our present life situations … one event following another. We move about in space in a given amount of elapsed time. Thus, SPACE-TIME sensing.

Before we change our perception of time flow to that of TIME-SPACE let’s look at rudimentary time travel we might understand from a linear SPACE-TIME perspective. Then we will change to an understanding of TIME-SPACE in comparison.

Consider a photograph.

An unexposed image could be considered a time potential event.
An image is obtained by capturing light emissions at a particular point of NOW.
Then that particular NOW is stored as information on the film medium no matter whether it is paper or digital.

As the human, observing this series of events on the stored information of the image captured on the photograph, you could be said to be looking at the past relative to your now. You have in a sense traveled back to the past. A form of time travel to the “past”. At the same time when observing the information of the photograph you are experiencing that one small slice of event space time in the NOW. You are in a sense in two places at once. The viewer of the photograph NOW and the observer of a past event by observing the captured past event. This is a kind of bi-location on your part.

Now consider looking through a telescope at a distant star in SPACE-TIME.

You are told that the image of that star is many thousands of light years away. You have learned that the light you perceive in your NOW was actually emitted thousands of years ago only to be observed by you in your NOW. The same concept as if you had a photographic record of the event and you were only now observing it.

In a sense you have once again traveled back in time to observe the star.

The same concept can be applied to geology. It too shows us in the NOW what occurred in the “past”.

Lastly, for those who understand the idea of multiple life experiences, each remembered life experience is a kind of time travel which I shall explain in further detail later in another post.

Notice that so far we have only synthesized the idea of travel in time to the PAST for observation.

We continuously experience the NOW. We can experience the PAST. What of the Future? Can we experience that BEFORE it reaches our perception to become observable in the NOW?

The ANSWER IS YES. It is another form of Bi-location.

How to accomplish that will require our understanding of TIME-SPACE.

Continued on post # 84