#84 Understanding Time Travel From Several Points of View. TIME-SPACE.



Time- Space is the opposite of Space – Time as it pertains to your perceptions.

You are presently existing in the perception of Space – Time. In your sleep periods you actually utilize BOTH Time-Space and Space-Time perceptions. In your waking state you occasionally shift into your Time-Space perception mode when you enter into brief meditative states that seem to exclude what is going on around you. But you are usually not consciously using that ability.

Even those of you who regularly utilize meditation as a form of altered state to relax are probably not using the true Time-Space ability you have available.

Remote viewers who seek information using various protocols DO utilize this ability but only in a fragmented manner. Those who DO utilize non-local-awareness techniques for bi-location are indeed traveling in Time-Space.

So, what is Time-Space like and how does one access it? Is it really a form of Time Travel?

The answer to the second question is yes.

Let us start with the first question concept then we’ll move on to practical application.

Remember this image from the last post where we imagined ourselves at the constriction point like the gateway of an hour glass?


 If we were to imagine ourselves there once again we would be at the center of a spherical field, a torsion field, comprised of information that is not moving. It is static, like an unopened book. The book is filled with information which we do not access until a page is turned. The field around us is comprised of an infinite number of books arranged around us in the center like this image. Each dot a point in the universe around us containing holographic information like a book or file in your computer.


 Your mind would perceive the information around you something like this image.



Lots of pretty designs and colors with no real meaning other than its all so interesting… you would also be surrounded with what seems to be sounds, smells, feelings and more you won’t understand at first.

Every individual will perceive a different design and color scheme which changes rapidly and continuously… it seems to flow…you will have no sense of movement yourself. You are in one place with NO MOVEMENT. Everything around you is perceived all at once and overwhelms your mind with the sense of light and perhaps another sense of FEELING regarding what you are perceiving. You don’t understand the feeling but you like it. You like it a great deal.

This place is NO TIME – NO SPACE. It is a place where the entire universe(s) surrounds you. You are co-existent with other intelligences that are also in NO-TIME NO SPACE. You are indeed one with God as well. You have access to anything, any where and any when. If only you knew how to access what you desire to know.  AND … are able to make sense out of what you access.

This is how it is done and what you will perceive.


Your WILL is how you navigate. Don’t try to make sense out of anything you perceive. Simply decide to perceive a particular time based event in any way you want to perceive it. In remote viewing protocols this is known as front loading information. It is a definite no-no if you are trying to gather information through a form of formal protocol.

However, this is not relevant to our issue of time travel.

In time travel, in the realm of TIME-SPACE, we have the perceptual ability to move through time not space. When we focus upon a particular time event we can reenter SPACE-TIME to observe the LINEAR events stored at that time location once we have identified and accessed it.

This statement implies that we have the ability to observe anything, anywhere, or any-when just by focusing upon that TIME perceived location.

It also implies we can skip around to any present, any past or any future we choose to experience.

Do we have something analogous to this idea in our SPACE -TIME existence. Yes we do.

Remember the idea of the book. A closed book is potential information about most anything ever written. When we choose a particular book and open it up to any random page we perceive words encoded upon the page selected which we interpret with our mind to understand the information upon that page. We can flip through pages in forward or backward linear direction accessing more information. We can even skip many pages.

There may be no understandable context to the information that we perceive or there might be some understanding depending on what we randomly chose. To obtain a full understanding we have to know the written language forms on the pages and we have to move through the pages in a LINEAR fashion like we do in SPACE-TIME in our physical lives.

In TIME-SPACE we access information more like doing a Google search. We desire a particular piece of information and the search engine gives us many choices on that subject to study. We then narrow our search by choosing a particular choice then we go to that choice with a link and read, in a linear fashion, the information.

TIME-SPACE is a lot like a universal search engine similar to the one we chose above above. Except, the universal search engine is multi-dimensional and comprised of an infinite number of potential variations. How can we possibly know what to decide to access or how?

The difference is that we don’t have to go through a process … we simply go directly to a desired information point. A point in TIME where something occurred, was stored in universal record keeping, encoded for future access and played out when some intelligent entity wants it.

The intelligent entity is you.

So, how does that work exactly?


When you are changing your perspective from SPACE-TIME to TIME-SPACE, you are changing your perception from what you sense outside of yourself to the realm accessed through a gateway in your mind.

Consider this image as an illustration.

ST-TS image

In the exact center of your physical brain is an organ called the pineal gland. It resembles a pine cone, which is why so many ancient spiritual images and objects have it as a symbol. Those ancients knew what I am discussing with you.

The pineal is not only a physical regulator for the body, it is also a gateway in the shape of an hourglass if you observe it in the physical and non physical as if you had placed it up against a mirror.

DO THIS. Go to a mirror. Place your finger on the mirror and observe the following. You will sense your physical finger touching the mirror. The reflection you sense with vision you do not feel but you see it as an exact duplicate in what looks like another dimension only reversed. In a sense it IS another dimension.

The pineal actually IS in a different universe/dimension(s), where TIME is the primary sensed surrounding and SPACE is irrelevant as to what you sense.

The image we’ve drawn in this illustration uses the pine cone to show that there is a link between both the Space-Time and Time-Space perception you have as part of your essence … with you at all times. Your perception though is located at the juncture of BOTH … the constriction point. Your perception depends on whether you are looking outward into Space-Time or INWARD toward Time-Space.

It is an active sense at all times. You need only choose which side of the gateway you want to use consciously.

It is understandable that right now this seems confusing. You’ll understand better as you practice what you will learn in other posts.

How you learn to access and understand the way to access and its uses are discussed starting with post #85.