#85 More about Time Travel Concepts and Application




We need to digress a moment in our time travel information journey.

Before we move forward regarding the access and usage of Time-Space sensing let’s look at what we might expect as we begin practicing to sense differently.

We are influenced from birth into our physical body to sense in a LINEAR fashion with an emphasis on the visual. We always tend to look forward AT anything rather than INTO the presence of anything.

What does that mean?

If I look at you upon meeting you for the first time I see a physical person with all the attributes that meet my eyes. We all do the same thing no matter what physical object we “see” with our eyes.

If I look at you with my other senses, such as smell, hearing, emotional detection (feeling) and so on … I would get a more complete idea of what makes you… you… rather than solely the visual impression. If I were to follow you around for a while in linear fashion and witness how you interact with the physical world I would get a deeper idea of how you exist thus enhancing my understanding of you.

When I enter into a TIME-SPACE frame of sensing I will get your entire life in every aspect all at once. I stress ALL AT ONCE. There is no linear progression of information. From the moment you come to my attention your entire history in every dimension, every lifetime, every potential choice of experiences … ALL OF IT… is presented to my sensing. EVERY PART of you EVERY WHEN including all your secretive activity and thought… There are no secrets in TIME-SPACE.

It is totally overwhelming and incomprehensible to my linear based mind to accept such a huge download of information all at once … much like the proverbial fire hose drenching me with my spoon held out for a sip of water.

To protect our sanity when sensing in TIME-SPACE, our physical mind limits what it can acquire to small fragments of information at random … out of all the information that is being presented. The mind takes those many fragments and presents them to us in a LINEAR fashion like a movie playing before our eyes. A sensing method with which we are quite familiar. Then, because the information is random and incomplete our mind tries to tell us a story IT thinks is what was sensed. It makes it up.

So… when you first begin to enter TIME-SPACE on a regular basis for acquiring information you may have one or all of many reactions. 1- Total shut down of data acquisition making you feel that this is all a bunch of bull … “it doesn’t work” …


 2- It’s just a daydream kind of experience and totally meaningless. 3- I’m afraid of what I sensed and will stop trying. 4- That was cool but meaningless. 5- That was cool and interesting I want more. 6- That was very cool and I want to know how to do it better. 7- That was cool and I get it! A natural and immediate understanding.

When you begin to get to the reaction much like number 5 enumerated above you will naturally begin to adjust your sensing to the innate ability to stop processing in linear fashion.


 You already know you use only a small portion of your total mind, many say only 10 %, and that the bigger portion unused is wasted. Not so. It is used to process the massive holographic information stream when you are experiencing TIME-SPACE. A kind of hyper awareness. It’s just that few individuals are actively using TIME-SPACE sensing so that portion of the mind goes unused.

As you continue to practice you will finally get to an ability to do what was mentioned before, BI-LOCATION.


This state of being is when you know you are HERE in the NOW … and … you are somewhere else in Time and Space experiencing what ever it was you desired to experience.

You do that in a sense when you first awaken from sleep and recall what you were just dreaming about.

You know you are HERE and you know you were THERE in that supposed fantasy world. You also do that when you are watching an engrossing film or reading a good book. Part of you feels as if you are here watching or reading and part of you feels that you are IN the action of the book or film.

Travel in Time in the non physical is much like that though you will often forget you are HERE in SPACE TIME and are instead in an alternate SPACE-TIME accessed through your portal into TIME-SPACE.


One more thing I think you should know. I did mention that there were no secrets in accessing TIME-SPACE ( generally true) but there are limits due to the nature of human ability to accept certain subject matter and one more limiting factor.

The SOURCE, CREATOR, GOD or what ever designation you choose to identify deity whether or not you believe in such things will BLOCK your ability to sense certain information until you are in your non-corporeal form. After physical death.

For example you will NOT be allowed to observe through TIME-SPACE sensing what happens to your energy essence, aka your soul, after physical death. YOU, your essence will continue … but while in the physical… you may not know what exactly comes next because it will be detrimental to your progress as a spiritual being. You can witness how your physical termination might occur but that is a story for another time.

Also, there are VERY ADVANCED extra-terrestrial entities in our sphere of the universe which have the ability to keep you from accessing their information through various non-physical means. For example, if you wanted to access ET presence on the moon somewhere … (yeah they’re there) … you might be limited to accessing only their physical location and structures. You could be excluded from say… witnessing a private meeting between individuals … unless you knew how to “hack” their safeguards in your sensing ability. One time when attempting to do just that I was “put to sleep” sending me from active sensing to a dream state. Yes indeed other civilizations have such capability. Believe it or not.


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