#86 Time Travel information continued.




 Many of you reading these posts may have seen one or all of the Matrix movies.

Some of you may have read about remote viewing techniques where the universal data base is called the Matrix.

Some of you may have attended seminars regarding a term called ” quantum jumping”.

Some of you may have read about something in psychic practices called the Akashic Records.

There are many names for the universal torsion field containing all information that exists.

I personally like the term  Matrix as it assists our linear programmed minds in understanding time travel.

The image of the woman “seeing” streams of what appears to be meaningless data is a representation of the pretty, yet meaningless, information you will first encounter when you follow my suggestions for accessing universal time locations.

As you practice they will begin to make more sense.


Eventually you will experience whatever you focus upon as if you are there. Eventually may be immediately for some and months for others. It all depends on how long it takes your linearly programmed mind to un-learn linear thinking.
Then you will experience the alternate reality first hand. Much like this rendition of a Moon base.


How to access your gateway to TIME-SPACE.

Believe it or not, as I’ve stated earlier you do it all the time. You simply don’t pay enough attention to stay long enough to enjoy the view … so to speak.

After my off world experience in 1987 I began to read everything I could to help me understand what had happened in a technical sense. Being taken from a living room to a distant place in the universe in the blink of an eye while still feeling as if I had months of experiences was to say the least unsettling.

In my journey to learning how to travel through space and time from no-space -no-time I came across three books that held much of the truth in how such is possible.

For those of you reading this I highly recommend these three books.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum and A brief Tour of Higher Consciousness , by Itzhak Bentov. and Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Here is a link to those three books on Amazon.com


In short summary, Talbot will give you a good idea of the holographic nature of the Universe. Bentov will give you a very important summary of no-space-no time.

Bentov’s work was the key to my understanding regarding what I term the constriction point or gateway.

In short he uses the idea of cycles, like a pendulum performs to describe that ” instant” in no-space-no-time. A place where you can access everything all at once consciously.

Your heart does it, your breathing does it, your cells do it … all of you in one way or another does it… cycles. AND every time some part of you reaches the no-space-no-time moment universal random information is flooded into your personal electro-magnetic field.

We use this concept for ACCESSING that constriction point in your pineal gland.

Remember, we discussed earlier in these posts that the pineal is the physical and non physical mirror gateway to TIME-SPACE.

Pineal function

I represented the gateway as mirror image pine cones in the center of your physical brain. Note the hourglass shape of this image. The line representing the no-time-no-space location between your two points of view.

I am about to tell you something not obvious to many scientists who only want to know the reality of their Universe without Deity involved.

Deity IS involved. But, not in any kind of dogmatic sense. You can be an atheist and this will still be true. To access and navigate through the doorway a spiritual force is necessary to assist you in entry and navigation. That force is the SOURCE by what ever name you choose to call it.

The reason is that in no-space-no-time EVERYTHING is present simultaneously including your personal consciousness at that moment of experience. You ARE one with all that is … a description that is often used to describe God.

If you simply accept this without trying to understand it what is next will be much easier.

You do not have to be in any particular physical position, altered state or of any belief system contrary to what many other tell you.

Simply, accept that you have the ability and THINK of any piece of information you want to experience and will it so.

Huh?! No way you say… too simple… this dude led me all this way through these posts to tell me that?

Yes I did.

BUT… the big but is that you do this all the time and DON’T PAY ATTENTION.

You use your ability to flip through the information like flipping video channels on a huge cable system and never stay long enough to watch the show.

So, how does one learn how to stop and smell the roses in all this flitting about the TIME-SPACE information stream that’s always available?

By doing this. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FIRST … THE VERY FIRST... impressions you get AFTER you choose a destination.

Here is an example.

Right now, think to yourself that you want to experience the building of Earth’s first human constructed pyramid no matter where it was located. It does not matter if you have seen pictures of the ones in Egypt or otherwise…

SOMETHING will immediately come to your mind and it most likely will not be the pyramids of which you are familiar. What will happen though, is you WILL try to recognise the ones you already know about.

This is step one.

Now do it again. Only this time pay attention to everything about you in your minds sensing apparatus. Write what you sense down if it helps. What do I feel? Hot cold? Dry wet? Emotions of some kind? What do I smell? What do I sense as light or dark? Shapes, colors? Sounds? Tastes?

Write down what ever your first impressions might be.

Then… here is the hardest part… trust yourself that these sensed impressions are real and accurate.

To some of you right now you might be saying this seems a lot like remote viewing protocol.

It is similar but not formal and mechanical.

I simply want you to pick something you want to know and immediately pay attention to anything you sense.

Then, I want you to wait ten minutes and do it again. Same desire to sense the same experience. Each time you do this you will sense something a bit different. Write it down if you need. Do this for an hour a day then increase it until sensing becomes MORE and CLEARER. Work at your own pace.

IF YOU GET NOTHING … just NOTHING… blackness … this is your own pre-programmed mind trying to keep you from access out of FEAR. Fear that this will actually work and you might have to change your perception of reality.

Keep practicing the simple directed will to experience and the sensed immediate result.

Some of you will enter into what you at first will describe to yourself as a “daydream” kind of state.

You will believe that everything you are sensing is all made up. It might be at first, but usually not. What you are practicing to do is TRUST yourself and what you are sensing is a kind of REALITY.

When you tried the example above did you sense … not a desert scene but, instead a very green area where you sensed people piling earth into a wide clearing?

That would have been correct sensing on this world for the first ever pyramid structure … not in Egypt and not in Central America. I have learned where it was and about when as you will if you travel there in TIME-SPACE.  I’ll confirm if you tell me and ask for confirmation.

IF you did not get that impression it does not matter. What matters is your practice.

I find that there are two primary modes of TIME-SPACE access. One is what I call a FLASH impression. The other is what I call the EXPERIENCE.

Here is a true example from my own travel.

In this SPACE-TIME reality, I was sitting at a picnic table with several others. One of the men present I had never met and he was distraught. He was talking with a friend on his right and I was across the table. I said to myself … “ Why is this man distraught?” and an immediate image of a small plane came to my sense … a young man … a crash … my back was in pain … I smelled burning fuel.

A moment later this man at the table said loud enough for me to hear that his son had been in a plane crash and he only learned of it about an hour earlier. He was unable to go to his son for some time and had no way of knowing if he would be OK. His wife had told him by phone it appeared his back was broken.

I again willed myself to experience the young man, even without knowing his name, and the first flash impression was that he had recovered and was walking … my impression was that it was only a few days from now but dates are not really valid in this kind of access.

I spoke up and said to the man I “felt” that his son would be OK and would be walking in a few days he was only bruised.

Sharing such is risky, I don’t recommend it unless you become proficient. I could have been wrong but I have learned to trust my FLASH impressions.

A few days later I ran into his again and he was excited to tell me that his son did in fact recover in a few days and was only severely bruised.

That is a FLASH sensing. NO altered state of mind. Just an immediate series of impressions in my mind and other senses. I experienced both the Past, Present, and Future all at once regarding this slice of the son’s life.

An example of a full Experience follows.

I met a woman years ago who was writing a book about a past life memory she had and it was troubling her since in her religion it was not possible to have multiple lives. She did not disclose its contents.

Yet, she felt compelled to research and write about what she was remembering consciously.

I returned home after our first meeting (a blind date), and sat in my favorite chair and with a glass of iced tea in hand mentally directed myself to experience this woman’s life. Over the course of about an hour I sensed and wrote down a series of impressions. I had seen her as a young female Native American in the American southwest in an area that I recognized today in New Mexico. Although in this experiencing journey there were no buildings like there are today. I watched as she was running from what appeared to be men on horseback in blue uniforms and I watched as she was shot by one of these men. She had a small child in her arms which was also killed after she fell lifeless.

I also witnessed this woman earlier before she was chased and slain. ( The experience was not linear).
She was talking to her Grandfather an older man who wore the apparel of a Chief. They were in a different location that had tall trees, a log fort and was quite different than the southwestern area I had sensed earlier.

There many more bi-location experiences I had regarding this woman over the course of an hour. The impressions were like watching a movie in my mind except all the physical senses were noticed.

Time, in such a sensed EXPERIENCE, is not felt the same way as we feel it in our daily life. It sped up at times and slowed as I wanted to get more detail … like a fast forward and slowing control. I do that by simply willing it so.

Your will to know will work like that for you too.

Long story short, I met with her about a week later and gave her all my impressions I had written down.

She was shocked that the death imagery was exactly what she kept remembering. The Grandfather imagery was actually written in her manuscript when she had found an ancestor that matched her description of a remembered name … it was indeed a Chief of a Chyenne tribe in the area that matched my sensed description near a Fort in the 1880’s.

I’m not psychic. I have learned to trust what impressions I get when I seek information.

HOW I KNOW where to get the information is automatic… as it will be for you.

Remember that Deity presence I related earlier? THAT sentience is your “librarian” who is always with you in your TIME-SPACE acquisition of information. This sentience, I recognize as God, or at least a fragment of God in a holographic sense, which is part of each of us at that gateway of no-time-no-space, knows my will/desire… and excluding certain restrictions mentioned earlier, takes my consciousness to the exact point in holographic TIME-SPACE where the information is stored.

The same will apply in your will based access.

The fire hose of information will be directed to you and your mind will try to make sense of it.

ONLY practice of trusting the FIRST IMPRESSIONS will retrain your sensing by eliminating all the pre-programmed blocks allowing you to begin to allow yourself to accept MORE and MORE information as it is sensed… without telling yourself a “story” that is not true to the sensing.

If you have questions, I have given contact information on post number 76.

My next post will discuss some ET based information using TIME-SPACE.