#87 ET Based Time Travel Information

If you have read my earlier posts, especially post #25, you may remember I was invited to be the first US representative for speaking about the “Billy Meier” UFO information on behalf of the case investigators. If you buy into the so called debunking of this long lasting case you are greatly misled by dis information of those who do not want you to believe his case. It was quite real and the off worlders are now and have been present amongst you for millenia.


Meier is the Swiss Farmer who had continuous contact with offworlders known as Pleiadians for about eleven years in the late 1970s and early eighties. His contacts were actually much earlier but most information is regarding his photographic encounters of the seventies.

Within that information framework and subsequent ET disclosed information I am able to describe some of the Time Travel information that will corroborate the simplicity of personal time travel I have discussed earlier.

Each of the anecdotal stories I present are accurate but you must do your own investigation if you desire to confirm the information. It is out there.

The following stories are provided.

How a Pleiadian type “beamship” Navigates through TIME-SPACE.

How an individual travels through TIME-SPACE.

How I was transported through TIME-SPACE without a craft.

How earth scientists use technology to transport through time-space and some detrimental effects that can occur and did occur to early test volunteers.

Beamship Information:

I would like to include an inset image of an actual “beamship” which is the world coined by Meier as he described Pleiadian technology in his texts and video interviews. Those are copyright based images so I will insert a link here for you to see what I am referencing. LINK.

I need to digress a moment again so the information will make sense.
Remember in recent posts we discussed that YOU have two perspectives regarding SPACE-TIME and TIME-SPACE?

These perspectives are based upon the fact that your physical body is NOT you.

Emotional -Soul Body

The real you, the conscious you is your spiritual component housed within the physical shell you identify as your body.




Your physical body is composed of DNA in a spiral form which is itself an antenna of sorts that connects your physical self to the non material self.

human dna 20-7823788_s

Does the shape remind you of a Torus?

It should.

A solid looking extraterrestrial spacecraft can move about in SPACE-TIME and it can also move about in TIME-SPACE. Not all of them, some are only SPACE-TIME transport.

The shape of the discs is necessary for various modes of TIME-SPACE or SPACE-TIME navigation.  When it comes to TIME-SPACE travel though the composition of the craft material is even more important.

Believe it or not, a “beamship” is partly alive! It has a kind of sentience and it has a living component to the seemingly solid metallic structure.

The craft uses a very high frequency “sound” component integrated into the structure in a torsion field shape for its apparent anti-gravity movement. That same concept is used for propulsion. When it comes to navigation though in TIME-SPACE the sentient-life component is utilized.

When a physical craft nears light speed in this universal reality it compresses the SPACE-TIME field to a constriction point as you have seen in the cross section of a torsion field torus like this:


At that point it is possible to move into the constriction point and the physical becomes non-physical as it is seemingly stretched infinitely into no-space-no time where it can then navigate ANYWHERE and ANYWHEN simply by thinking its destination. But the occupants with the craft are not the navigators. The craft itself is the navigator in cooperation with the occupants. The sentient component of the craft chooses the destination where it will emerge into SPACE TIME again.

The same process you would use for personal time-space travel except this is done with a physical craft to transport physical material. It takes a great deal of energy to accomplish this as opposed to almost no energy for non-physical movement of consciousness.

When an occupant, such as a human from earth, is invited to such a journey across vast distance in SPACE-TIME, the human must be of advanced spiritual – mental capacity so that the brief touch with no-space-no-time will not cause harm to itself with the experience. Coming in contact with the universal Source of Creation can cause an immature mind to collapse. It is for this reason that such experiencers are often rendered into a kind of sleep state or stasis to make that brief “jump” between reality views when in the physical. The physical brain is scrambled for a moment if left conscious.

When traveling with your own non physical pineal gateway that danger is not present as your physical component is not experiencing the movement.

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