#90 More … Earth technology of TIME TRAVEL and its consequences.



Many individuals at one time or another wish they had a time machine. But does such technology exist today?

The answer is yes.

Such technology is impossible say mainstream scientists… they are quite wrong. It may NOT exist in their view because they are still focused on the old theories by respected predecessors.

The next entries on this post will utilize anecdotal information, some of it first hand as I have utilized such technologies.

I stated at the beginning of the series regarding time travel I DO NOT HAVE A TIME MACHINE. That is true.

However, I DO know how to utilize certain time travel techniques one of which acts upon physical matter but is not a machine in a nuts and bolts sense.

There is a well documented science called Applied Kinesiology. The link I’ve attached to that word will take you to a mainstream list of uses.

 There is another use for the technique little known or utilized by many. Time travel. I’ve used it many times and have shown it to others.

Here is how it works. This is a true story.  I had a friend who was in his senior years. He complained that he had, as long as he could remember, tinitus. That ringing in the ears so many have to endure. I suggested we might try the time travel technique to eliminate it. I said it would take only a moment. He agreed to try with a great deal of skeptical attitude.

I stood him in front of me and with his permission I I used a muscle testing technique to determine that he was indeed anchored in the present date.

I then drew an imaginary circle in front of him and told him that inside that circle was the date of the time in his personal history when he DID NOT have the tinitus problem.

I had him step into the circle and again muscle tested him to ascertain the date his super-conscious mind believed the date was inside that circle.

Then, using a simple phrase in tune with his super-conscious I showed him how to leave his programmed reality of having tinitus in that time frame and  to step out of that time frame and into an alternate reality where he has no tinitus.

He stepped out of the circle and the ringing went away.

As long as he maintains the TIME-SPACE reference in his super-conscious it will remain so. It can return if he ever loses that anchor point. But, it can be repeated.

This same technique can be used on a personal basis to travel to alternate realities, just as easily. It is important to do this with a partner so one does not get stuck in an alternate time frame with no way to return. [I’m not kidding.]

I knew some individuals many years ago who were using this technique to observe their own future death hoping to avoid what they observed. It essentially created a mentally unstable condition for them. One of the serious problems of future travel as it can cause an instability in your present way of processing SPACE-TIME information.  I do not recommend using this technology for viewing your personal future. Such will alter the time line and destabilize your present time line.

Some may argue that this is only a form of hypnosis. Perhaps it is… but the result is profound in a physical sense. The technique is very fast requiring no form of meditation and it seems to give the practitioner an immediate access to TIME-SPACE sensing.

 There is ample evidence on our world that Time Travel is occurring and has occurred. It is not believed by most though because that is what mainstream public control wants us all to believe.

 I suggest you investigate these web information sites as a beginning to your investigations. Suspend your disbelief until you verify using REMOTE VIEWING or similar techniques to verify the veracity of the information. I did.

WINGMAKERS in New Mexico. A Time Travel enigma. 

 I presently live about 35 miles from this enigmatic location. I have only visited it through non material means as it is well guarded. There is also an extra terrestrial underground facility nearby as well as a hidden government facility. If you want to know about where it is do a search for a nuclear bomb test called Project Gasbuggy. There is a forest service plaque commemorating this event.

Also, in this same general area of New Mexico is a quasi – private  laboratory actually performing time travel technology for several uses.  The technological concept was first discovered in Arizona near Edwards Air Force Base.An officer in charge of certain programs there thought the inventor was not believable … at first. Later this sameofficer, after retirement founded a lab in New Mexico. This has been publicly disclosed on international media such as Coast to Coast.  See this link: http://www.andersoninstitute.com/david-lewis-anderson-biography.html

Here is a link to the public show on Coast to Coast with David Lewis Anderson.

Essentially, the technology creates a spherical bubble of torsion field/time  energy that alters the time references inside the bubble as opposed to outside the bubble.

bubble time references

 For those of you reading my posts … NONE of my understandings about TIME TRAVEL came from any of the mentioned researchers. My knowledge was obtained via TIME-SPACE investigations personally. You can do the same.


 Continued on Post # 91, the final time travel post.