# 94 Volney Stefflre and the Original Alien Geo-engineering Agenda Report.



“There are some things in the world that are out of your control, and other things in the World that you can influence through your efforts.”                       Professor Volney Steffler, 1990

This post is one of my efforts to influence an outcome.

Contained within my personal blog, regarding extraterrestrial influences in my life, I wrote in Post number 34, entitled My Friend Volney Stefflre [link: http://awaken-ning.tuscanskypublishing.com/34-my-friend-volney/] a single paragraph regarding a discussion we had regarding his thirty years of research completed in 1990.

The bottom line of that research was this paragraph:

“He gave me a large box filled with an original manuscript for publication. It dealt with the research he’d compiled over thirty years regarding our planet and its future. A future he claimed was being engineered by ALIENs! Through a process called TERRAFORMING.”

Due to all the experiences I’d had I didn’t think his claim was crazy. Today, in 2014, I have noted that all the indicators say … he could be right … very right.

Let me explain.

Many of you reading this may have read many articles from others with bits and pieces of the great puzzle of the so called “elite agenda”. Many of you have also read or written articles regarding many different extraterrestrial groups operating on our world in an apparent, semi-covert manner toward a large collection of differing ET agendas regarding our world.

I submit this idea for your consideration, regarding all these individual parts, as they could pertain to today’s big picture … or at least one possibility… drawing all the parts together.

This will be lengthy so I’ve divided all the parts into separate posts for easier reading at your leisure.

The last post will give a potential solution to the observed problem created if my theory is correct.

FIRST, let me make these observations as they will apply to the text that follows.

1- Volney claimed that all his research indicated that at some point in our world’s history one of many groups of visiting ET species decided to terraform, or as we now say geo-engineer our world to accommodate their species at the expense of our own.

2- He further claimed that they were not doing this themselves as that would apparently go against some kind of agreement of non interference between the many ET species. So, their plan was to utilize the indigenous species, HUMANS, to do the geo-engineering for them.

The strategy chosen was to select various technical advances for humanity which on the surface would appear to be helpful … but would in fact have unforeseen consequences, which would apply directly toward the enhancement of the planetary environment more suitable for themselves.

3- Not all the ET species were in on this agenda … just the ones we’ll call “THEM” and other ET species of similar physical design.

This is the basis for the covert intra-species competition for planetary control. The concept often referred to as “service to self” vs “service to others” mentality.

The story behind all the ET competition is lengthy and complex. I’m not going to delve into that subject matter … rather I’m going to concentrate on the one group of ET’s who have been engineering the planet. I’m not going to name them here as I consider them to be a rogue offshoot of another usually peaceful, service to others race.

What I do address is how and why they do this and how and why HUMANS would ever consider going along with such an agenda .

One more thing… I suggest, perhaps, some of what we see in the news that seems completely wrong … like the so called global warming agenda proffered by segments of political and scientific communities … might itself be a covert way to fight against an ET geo-engineering agenda. Especially, if as a worldleader or celebrity, one  cannot disclose that geo-engineering even exists and is part of ET warfare taking place on our world.

The following concepts are only a few of the many ways covert geo-engineering are being accomplished.

1- Radical reduction in forest regions for farming to reduce oxygen and increase carbon dioxide.
2- Killing of plankton and other elements of oxygenating plant life in the oceans for the same reason.
3- Production of large scale petroleum based and other industries for increasing carbon monoxide and dioxide with other trace elements beneficial to the ET physiology.
4- Reduction of atmospheric moisture to facilitate accelerated production of larger non oxygenating desert regions.
5- Introduction of atmospheric agents as pathogens to plant life, such as oxygen producing forests.
6- Reduction of atmospheric protection for sun radiations. Aka… ozone depletion.
7- DNA modification of plant life used by the pre-existing life forms for food. [Can you say GMO?] The are many more but, these seven should give you the idea since all of these agendas are prevalent throughout our society today.

The human minions who are going along with this agenda knowingly MUST have something VERY VALUABLE offered to them for a willingness to go along with this.

Additionally, those who have a knowledge of this … and DON’T want to go along …MUST have ways for fighting against such agendas without becoming a direct target by their opposing force.

Do we see such potential, adversarial, covert warfare in plain sight today?

I believe YES!

For example, if I was in opposition to such a life threatening agenda I’d create a seed bank to replenish the planet after we eliminate the covert ET threat and make the world think the reason for seed banking was for some other reason.

I’d make up a concept called global warming tied to carbon dioxide theory … said concept created by those who know full well it is a process actually geo-engineered by minions of ET handlers and not natural due to normal human life processes.

To say it is purposeful geo-engineering would demand a disclosure of ET warfare. Such disclosure is presently not allowed.

Continued in next post #95