# 95 Geo-Engineering continued Part 2.


Let’s look at geo-engineering from an atmospheric perspective.

Throughout recorded history this lush oxygen rich world has steadily declined in a way less favorable to humans.

In areas of the world where trees and vegetation are scarce, warfare has been prolific. Volney mapped such areas with historical trends. His data showed that those areas indeed were areas with continual conflict. He theorized that UNCONSCIOUSLY humans were actually in conflict over oxygen no matter how the political nature of conflict seemed to be manifested.

For example, review the history of conflict in areas like Scotland, the Middle East after its climate changed … among others.

Of course this is not the only reason humans fight. More often than not politics does create conflict as does religious belief.
Behind the scenes though… the covert ET influence helped create our world’s political subdivisions as well as many religious belief systems. Then, through the ages, THEY have continued to push the emotional buttons creating conflict within those systems.


War is a very efficient way to change world atmospheric standards. Especially now with modern weaponry. One of the more recent and highly effective weapons supposedly used for defensive purposes is … atmospheric nano particle aerosols. You know them as chem trails.

Apparently,chemtrails kill trees, suck moisture out of the air, change atmospheric temperature, change water properties, sun light frequency absorption and much more…

This is not theory. Much research by independent investigators has been published and is available … if those reseachers haven’t been silenced as yet. Search engines are your friend. Use them.

Take another look at the opponents and proponents of the global warming theories. Many claim there is no warming. The others claim it is all around us. That discussion is the distraction the manipulators want you to see.

Instead, look at the details with new eyes. Assume, for the sake of this conversation, that global warming theory is not relevant.
If there was/is an ET agenda to perform long term, slow transformation like the proverbial way to boil a frog by slowly raising water temperature … how would your perception of certain agendas change?

Remember the seed vault? Those who provide for that contingency might be considered the white hats. Many of those individuals are also vocal proponents of the warming theory. Thus on the surface they appear to be unbelievable when the global warming discourse is heard out of their mouths.

But…what if they could not, for many reasons, open the dialog to include an ET agenda… how would they get ignorant humans to fight the terraforming agenda? They would use a different strategy. Saying global warming is the culprit …  human caused. We can now interpret silently as … ET terraforming  caused by human minions.

Which disclosure seems more acceptable for the masses? The cover story of course. It’s all about global warming … right?

Now let’s look again at the apparently profiteering, controlling GMO companies. Theories and rumors abound about how their agenda is targeting world domination.

Total control of the food supply.

What if there is a deeper agenda?  I can readily admit  such an agenda may go either direction. One direction is that humans in the know … KNOW … we have lost the terra forming war for now and food sources will be REQUIRED in the near future for an altered HYBRID society.

Or… perhaps the food agenda is ET controlled to assist a faster human species decline.

There is a third possibility. Those in the know are on the visible surface going along with the ET agenda while working as moles to eventually use their insider knowledge to combat such plans. Are such conjectures crazy?

Time will tell.

Of course, GMO corporate management can’t just announce…” our GMO agenda is to make sure ETs and HYBRID future humans can eat after you all die off.”

Bad publicity that… and probably forbidden to boot.

Continued next post.