#96 Geo-Engineering continued Part 3.

23056234_sBefore continuing on possible dual agendas being performed right in front of our perception, let’s answer a serious question.

Why would anyone want to knowingly work for an agenda that would harm human kind?

What could an ET master offer a human minion who already had money and power beyond what they could ever use or need?

Yes, [I hear you thinking.]  it is probable the minions at high levels are psychopaths. That most likely would not be enough to draw someone with great wealth and power to desire some entity to weild authority over themselves.

I submit there is something a psychopath could want. Want very badly.

Immortality. The ability to continue indefinitely.

We all see that those in power die eventually.  What if that is not reality for the minions assisting ET geo-engineering long term projects?

It is already known certain ET species reproduce through cloning.

It is known, to some humans, that ET cloning technology takes two basic forms.  The ability to reproduce an exact copy of a body and then transfer the essence of the original into the new construct. Or… the creation of a totally different body construct in which the essence and memory is transferred.

If a human was to be granted such a reward they could essentially be kept subservient from lifetime to lifetime in order to remain in the game. The other planetary citizens would see them grow old, die then apparently be out of the game.

Yet, they could return to the game in a different body with no one the wiser.

Has this already happened?

A little research will show you it is very possible. There are mysterious figures in history who seem to follow similar agendas while appearing to be different individuals.

I would name them here but really don’t want to draw their attention in a way that forces them to silence the researcher. Ahem…

More to come … stay tuned…