The following are a few of literally hundreds of resources available to you.

I have listed them in  no particular order. There are many further resources available by all of these authors resources. Do a Google search under the term  REMOTE VIEWING and you will see many more potential resources.

[These book covers are copyrighted material and not mine. Since this usage is not for any profit of any kind on my part and promotion is for the authors in question at no charge I assume there will be no objection to their presentation as a source for your usage. If anyone objects write me and I will remove their free promotion as a resource.]

http://www.stephanaschwartz.com/   This links to the author Stephan Schwartz’s site.


Opening to the Infinite

 I personally use this book most often.











http://www.learnrv.com/  This links to Major Ed Dames remote viewing site.


http://www.farsight.org/  This links to Courtney Bwown’s RV site.


http://www.irva.org/remote-viewing/definition.html  This links to an organization for all remote viewing practitioners.


Holographic Universe


 This book is not about remote viewing , however I consider it extremely valuable in understanding why RV works the way it does.













 The cover says it all.










ScreenHunter_216 Apr. 10 11.56


 A well known RV practitioner.










Limitless Mind



 Another well known RV practitioner.









Mind Trek




Another well known RV practitioner.









ScreenHunter_219 Apr. 10 12.11



 Another well known RV practitioner.











 Another well known RV practitioner.










If you have an RV resource you would like added to this list let me know.

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