Past lives?

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Yes there are many who will agree and many who will vehemently disagree.

Especially if you are stuck in literal beliefs from some of the major dogmas. Also, those of you who have read the Urantia Papers you will be surprised at what you read but did not fully understand.

Soon I shall add posts to this page regarding:

How Re-Embodiment ( a better term than RI) occurs and why.

How many confuse the concept of TRANSMIGRATION and Re-Embodiment once known as Re-Incarnation.

How Re-Embodiment figures into our Universal progression agenda.

Urantia Book evidence of Re-embodiment contained within the original text.

Biblical Evidence of Re-Embodiment contained within text.

Modern Studies highly suggestive of Re-Embodiment.

My own memories I’ve had since birth regarding:

Life about 500,000 years ago   Click link

Life in the 1500’s   Sailing ship storm sinking

Life in the 1600’s   Scottish Warrior

Life in the  1700’s Early American Farm

Life in the 1800’s  Early 1800’s Brothel , Late 1800’s Native American

Life in the 1900’s  Present Life, WWII early 1900’s  Concentration Camp

Life circa  35 CE  in Jerusalem.

Simultaneous lives in the same reality.  Boy in the wheel chair

Simultaneous lives on other worlds.   Planet of Ariel, Pleiades star group.

SPECIAL NOTE:  As you read each past life memory section please remember that most individuals who have past life memories have fragments of memory to varying degrees. In my case, as in the case of many others, the memories are of the time near and at the transition from the physical to the spiritual. The death transition. Other types of memory include but are not limited to recognition of other people without context, the memory  of how to do something that was not learned, such as playing an instrument or perhaps artwork.  Often those with such memory have only glimpses that seem to form when a similar  “deja vu” kind of event occurs. In my case each memory is fragmented and each contains the death experience.



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