Past Life 500,000 BCE

My oldest remembered lifetime was about 500,000 years ago. It wasn’t on our world of Earth.

It was here on this object.


Phobos Public Domain


Image: Moon Phobos near Mars. Mars is known as the god of War. Phobos is known as the god of Fear.


It will be helpful for you to review all of my Re-Embodiment  posts. They will be posted shortly. One of the elements of our existence in our infinite progression as personality beings is the ability to choose to remain in a non physical form or to choose to re-embody in a physical form. [Note: non physical is from the point of view of the physical you now enjoy. Non physical from the point of view of the non physical is actually different levels of energetic form .]

When a personality chooses to experience a physical environment, something we call “a life”, the body inhabited is generally stripped of all previous memory. Not always,but generally. The one exception is the death memory of previous existences.

I have no idea why this is so. It may be because the death transition is so energetic in universal memory we tend to carry it with us. In Remote Viewing large emotional events in time and space are the easiest to observe. It may hold true in ones own time lines.

There are also other factors of ones past life memory. Those will be discussed outside this post.

Regardless for the mechanism of memory, this is my oldest life memory.

Long before the Star Wars movies were released I had a memory of being an a large space traveling ship in this Earth solar system. It looked like this moon Phobos near Mars. When the first movie Star Wars was released I was astounded that the so called Death Star looked like what I remembered.

My exact memory is indeed a death memory preceded by one other memory regarding Mars.

I was some kind of officer on the great ship. It could have been captain or some rank in that category. I was standing in an outer corridor near the outer wall of the great craft. The walls were transparent where I was standing with five other individuals. There were two females and three males not including myself as a male. Each of us were wearing a gray uniform. Our skin was bluish and we were human looking in appearance.

On the left side of each uniform where a pocket might be on a modern day shirt were symbols and a kind of badge made of crystal. Each individual had a different colored crystal in the form of a triangle. My color designation was an emerald green color. The other individuals had respectively red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

I have no idea what the colors signified but the other five seemed to be deferring to me as a superior.  I remember we were in an argument. The subject matter involved something one of the females had not done when ordered. I ordered the other males to execute this female and they did so by forcing her out of an airlock.

Apparently I was not a very good person.

500K years ago

The command had been carried out only moments before when we all turned to see a fleet of teardrop shaped ships appear out of nowhere. They were attacking our ship. One of the attackers pierced our ship right where I was standing and the five of us were sucked out the breach to die in space just as the one I had ordered to death.

I guess one could say that was poetic justice.

I date this memory from about 500,000 years ago because of a preceding memory. I was on the surface of Mars. The surface still had an atmosphere and liquid water. It was very earth-like. I was in command of  a force of individuals removing large underground archives of information to the large ship above that looked like a moon. Once the removal was complete I ordered the destruction of the facility with a large beam type weapon. It struck the facility and collapsed the structure.

I remember the feeling of pride at the accomplishment. In fact I was responsible for much death. I do not  get a sense it was acting as a good guy in warfare. I get a sense that  it was barbaric.

Today, looking at all my interactions with the Mars data so much seems familiar. One thing I have always known. Phobos is not what it appears.

The 500,000 years is determined from modern day evidence that the Cydonia region and related anomalies in the area seem to be aligned as a solstice marker. The hypothesized time it would have aligned properly would have been about 500,000 years ago. If one day any dating of the objects on Mars are made, that will be my actual memory time frame. We destroyed that area just prior to my death.



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