Past Life 1600’s

Lifetime remembered in the 1600’s.

Image:[ CCA Richard Baker] of : Ardvreck_Castle… As always click the pic to enlarge.

1672 Ardvreck_Castle ref Richard Baker CCA

Once again this is a shorter fragment. The image I found depicts very closely the location of my remembered physical death.

It is Scotland. The castle is not new as I remember but it fits the remembered style and architecture. I recall fighting a large force of others. Banners, the sounds of metal against metal. Shouting. Cries of pain. Smell of blood and vomit.

I remember using a long broad sword about the length of my arm. I was male. I was in my late thirties or early forties. I was considered a bit old for my time but not too old to fight. I recall the language was accented with a brogue like Scottish but I don’t recognize the words. Listening to sounds of Gaelic …that sounds similar to memory.

I was apparently a warrior but not of any nobility. I was fighting for my home.

I recall watching as my left hand was severed by my opponents sword just before he thrust his weapon into my chest killing me. I remember the shock of seeing my hand fall and the spurt of blood then the sharp pain of the killing blow. My last thoughts were the vision of the castle in the distance and water nearby on my left.

In this life I have injured my left wrist often. It was badly fractured at one time and I still have daily pain right at the wrist. Odd synchronicity that. I can’t watch any film where swordplay is involved. Once some friends dragged me to a movie called Braveheart. I couldn’t watch it. Not even listen to the battle scenes.I wanted to pass out from some of the scenes that were all to familiar. To this day even remembering elements of it in description gives me a sick feeling.

When I was researching imagery of castles in Scotland to see if anything looked familiar this castle Ardvrek was so close I used it. Then when I read up on its history I was again amazed to learn of its history. It was dated at the right time in history. There was a great battle there between some rather well known clans. You can read about it on the link I have provided in the image caption above.






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