Past Life 1700’s

Lifetime remembered in the 1700’s

Image is of an old farm in the eastern US forests.

1700s farmhouse 11092672_s

This life memory I was female. My thoughts are of being quite young around early twenties or late teens.

I was married to a man who was abusive and domineering. We owned a piece of land where we built a cabin and barn from logs much like that depicted in the image provided.

Next to the barn was a corral for horses and one cow. It was muddy and smelled of manure.

I remember shouting at my husband after he had beaten me in a drunken fit. I turned to run out the door and he shouted he would kill me. I ran.

It was raining outside and I ran to the barn. He caught me there and struck me with an axe. I remember the thought I was glad this would be the end. He stood over me and I watched as the axe descended. Then nothing.

Strangely, I remember one more fragment of hovering over my dead body and husband as he buried my body in the horse corral near the side of the barn.

In this life, I met up with that man again. This time though he was female and I was male. In my posts I speak of her. She is an equestrian and though I never spoke to her about this memory I knew it was her former life that had ended mine. Prior to our divorce and after my automobile accident she spent many years taking care of me financially when I could not work as I had before. I often wonder if it was a kind of karmic repayment.

I often wonder why knowing that I married her. I guess there had to be some completion in old energy events. I do know that debts incurred in flesh existence can only be corrected in flesh existence. I also know that we do not take any debt to the post physical with us but we do take regrets and values.

As I review our married life in this time frame I do see how our interactions tended to balance that long ago interaction.



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