Past Life 1900’s

Lives remembered in the 1900’s:


Image: Concentration Camp Oven.

oven camp 11446885_s

This is a very difficult memory for me to write. Even as I searched for an image appropriate to this page I was sweating and trembling with the memory of the experience.

I was male. I was about ten in my feeling of age for that re embodiment time frame. I was starving and too weak to stand.


I remember  a language that sounded very Slavic. I remember fear. Great fear.

I remember being thrown into an oven much like the one depicted in the image. I remember others jammed in with me. Most dead. Some not. Whimpering.

I remember the smell and the sound… oh the sound… of rushing flames and the heat as it burned my flesh and seared my lungs.

This is not a good memory. To this day any reference to the war and concentration camps, no matter the extent… chills my soul memory.

I have a great fear of small places, the smell of incinerators, the¬†crematoriums of funeral parlors and such…


There are two more memories from this time frame. One is my present life which is not appropriate to this page.

The other is listed under the simultaneous lives on this world.

Since I have such a memory and fear of the oven experience I can only assume that life preceded this one since that one was in the 1930’s and this one started in the 1950’s. If I had non-linear time of life I would not have had the memory I think.












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