Simultaneous Life this world.

Simultaneous lives. This world.


Experiencing physical life isn’t only linear. It is actually multidimensional.

Think about this for a moment. The physics of the universe is multidimensional. Fractal. Holographic.

So why wouldn’t the same be available for a being of infinite existence? You.

It just so happens it is. This next example explains much.

I’ve already stated several linear, focused life embodiment experiences.

Now I’ll describe a simultaneous experience.

As I’ve been experiencing THIS life in the body of a male I am also experiencing this same time frame as a younger male in a wheelchair.

My first awareness of my other self was in 1987. I was siting at a desk doing some work when a very clear image of myself, through my own eyes, was watching children playing in a creek. I was on the shoreline watching and feeling quite lonely that I could not join in with the others.

I looked down at my lower body and observed my body in the wheelchair.

I knew it was an element of myself in a parallel existence … now… here… not a parallel reality/universe.

I get impressions of my alternate self from time to time even today.

When you study the many facets of the concept of the afterlife and especially the concept of re-embodiment you soon come across many variations of the way it seems to manifest. There is the concept of walk in. Where one personality/soul leaves a body and it is replaced with a new personality as if the two personalities/ souls exchanged a suit of clothes. The body in question has no say in the matter since it is simply a vehicle for the personality/soul.

Then you also encounter the simultaneous concept like I have described. Fragments, or soul fragments in a kind of fractal existence inhabits more than one body. Each having separate experiences while both are integrated together in what is often referred to as an over-soul.  Is that so strange to consider? Look at your own body right now. Your left eye has a totally different perspective from your right eye. Both are integrated into the brain together. The same can be said for many other body parts. Since the essential YOU is not your body, two bodies can integrate twice the experiences. Maybe more.

I personally subscribe to the more. Go to the simultaneous lives on other worlds section.




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