Simultaneous Life other worlds.

Simultaneous lives on other worlds.


As I related in simultaneous lives on this world, I have one more variation to discuss.

It is also possible to have simultaneous life experiences on multiple worlds.

I discovered this not long after discovering the young boy in a wheelchair. I was checking in on that experience from time to tome over the course of a year.  I had also been practicing the technique of Remote Viewing when it occurred to me that RV had many modalities … more than just viewing events of time and space or space time.

I wanted to know if there were more than the one fractal fragment of life experience in this time frame. I learned there was one more at the moment.

I connected with another male version of myself. He recognized me as a version of himself. We were about the same age but his body was much more athletic than mine and he was not on this world he was on a world he called Ariel in the star group we call the Pleiades. Looking through his eyes I saw he was in a somewhat tropical environment and he was with two others. Female and quite attractive.

Through our brief mind connection I learned he was aware of multiple life experiences and he was surprised as a human from our world I had the ability to connect. He was apparently, or at least thought he was, more advanced spiritually than other fragments of personality soul.  On his world in the briefest of contact I learned much from that touch of mind. He too was aware of the wheelchair bound boy.

I have not had any further contact with this personality. I have also refrained from any “checking up” on the wheelchair” version of myself as I believe now it is OK to know of them but not OK to try living multiple experiences consciously. I need to focus on my present situation and all will be integrated after my passing out of the flesh.

Disclosing this element of multiple, concurrent life experiences gave me much to contemplate through the last 20 years. Why would a soul personality fragment into multiple experiences when there is an infinite amount of time to experience single embodiments?

I think the answer was contained in a concept within the Urantia material as it pertained to  the concept of Finaliters.

I’ll discuss that in another section regarding the Urantia material contained in the reincarnation/re-embodiment sections of this blog.



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