About sub-text

A few thoughts about the concept of sub-text as it is contained within the UB.


If one simply reads cover to cover, if you can, the entire text of the Urantia Book you will be confronted with a huge database of new ideas to such an extent your mind wants to run screaming from the room in which the book sits.

In order to offset this feeling of confusion and being overwhelmed with what appears as boring, repetitive and odd concepts new readers are often advised to simply look over the table of contents comprised of “papers” on varying subjects.

One seeks a topic of interest such as “Adam and Eve” then reads the section on that topic.

This allows one to digest a smaller topic of interest that is not so overwhelming. It also has the down side of referencing words and concepts that are only explained in other papers.

This leads the novice reader on a path of discovery that is different for each reader. Eventually, the new reader is drawn through many sections of the book and hopefully all of it … even the boring sections…[ apparently boring].

Those readers of determined intellect usually persevere and read straight through cover to cover. Yawn…

Some individuals simply read only the fourth section of the book often referred to as the “Jesus Papers”, in an effort to compare the text there with the other religious text of choice …like the Christian Bible or Koran.

Those who do only that miss all the wisdom contained in the first three divisions of the book which give context to the story of the Jesus Papers division.

Now, that said… those who read in any of those methods also miss some important information. Very important in fact. Though, I suppose many of you who consider yourself scholars in this subject will disagree with me … harshly. It has happened. ūüôā

When I was first returned from my off world experience to Jerusem I was directed for the first time to the UB. You can read that story in my first posts.

As I began to read, I experienced lines of text appearing between the original physical lines of text. After I got used to the additional text information it would vanish.

The result was more information but nothing I could share directly.

Many years later, while in prison, after I’d read the UB several more times with the help of a UB Concordex I began to notice a pattern. I was highlighting many text references, by topic, with different colors.

Then it appeared… the colored sections aligned with more meaning on the various subjects.

I tested this idea and it always seemed to work. I asked a friend outside the prison to do word searches for me and it became even clearer. My friend agreed. There is a sub-textual teaching process contained within the bulk of the book. One has to seek it though.

I reread the entire text over a dozen times seeking sub-textual meanings. One topic that particularly interested me was the idea of reincarnation and transmigration as the surface reading suggested.

Most readers would readily agree that the idea of reincarnation according to the UB does NOT exist. I thought that too at first which was a problem for me due to my many past life memories. It made me doubt the veracity of the overall text.

After the inclusion of all subtext I now understand the supposed contradiction of the book’s surface message. There is no contradiction.

I need to digress a moment.

The Bible talks about a war in Heaven and the leadership of one named Lucifer. It does not really explain that war in any detail. It does generally discuss that Lucifer rebelled against God in favor of himself.

The U.B. has considerably more detail on the subject. Contained within the U.B. text is a description of a claim by Lucifer that reincarnation is an automatic feature of the progression of souls. It was one of Lucifer’s elements of evidence for his manifesto points.

I disagree with his basic positions but he wasn’t all that wrong regarding the method of progression from a mortal point of view.

And… it appears the writers of the U.B. know this and without telling lies, have led Urantia humans to follow a line of thinking that is contrary to full truth. HERE on this world.

Unfortunately I need to digress again. Take heart though, it will all come together.

One assumes that highly advanced celestial personalities would never do anything to harm others. Observation of the various prime directives of our universe. For the most part that is true. However … you knew I had a however … OUR viewpoint of what is harmful is quite different than those who view event from a no time no space perspective.

For example, you may have heard the story about the man who observes a butterfly attempting to extricate itself from a cocoon with great struggle. The man with all good intent helps the butterfly by removing it from the cocoon and setting it in the sun to rest and hopefully fly onward. Unfortunately the butterfly is not able to open its wings and dies there unfulfilled.

The man was ignorant. He had no idea that the struggle he thought he was witnessing was necessary for the new wings to be pressed dry as the butterfly emerged. THe wings remained wrinkled and unable to form properly thus the butterfly was stranded and died.

WE are like that butterfly when in the flesh.

Struggle on many levels is necessary for our progressive development. If WE think something is good or bad for us we have only our flesh perspective. The celestial beings have a much larger view.

In the subject of our discussion here, reincarnation, it appears that it has been necessary to obscure some information for developing humans … for what THEY believe to be our own good.

Those who want to know more can find it … but with difficulty depending on the ignorance factors of the developing human.

Now, back to Lucifer’s ideas and the U.B.’s ideas as promulgated by the text of Jesus.

BOTH are true.

If you take the position of looking at the subject matter from the perspective that all the celestial personalities which includes Lucifer(and his followers), Jesus and his trusted followers and all the higher level personalities who are involved with earth humans you will observe the many elements of information they give us differently.

Their agenda is NOT to harm our freewill progression with information not readily available to humans of the time. They know the post physical humans will learn of the information.  They know that FREE WILL of each individual MUST be honored no matter what.

I demonstrated some of that concept in my post about what happened  AFTER my prison release when I was given a followup message regarding my off world experience.

So, when you read the many examples of sub-text I will provide regarding re-embodiment you need to subject it to the position of the celestial, non physical perspective.

Tell the humans with eyes to see the full truth… all others will be led to only partial truth.

Finally, I come to the actual method of finding the sub-text.

You have to be a kind of detective, seeking the clues among the language of the text.  Note that the personalities throughout the U.B.  are VERY PRECISE with the words chosen and their context. Very often the writers will express difficulty in finding just the precise word to reflect their concepts. With this knowledge you can determine they mean what they say with carefully structured language designed around the development of the earth human at the time of transmission.

I know there will be those who will contend that anyone can find meaning if one takes unrelated elements of any text in a document and reassigns new meaning to the text without regard to other text. I’m not suggesting that sub-text is that process. There are definite sub-text meanings that are contained throughout the book without ¬†contradiction.

These elements or clues are available to those who seek.

1- Transmigration and reincarnation are not the same things.

2- People of the time of Jesus believed the concept of Transmigration and reincarnation were interchangeable.

3- Earth [Urantia] is a special case in this local universe with special conditions of progression.

4- Large numbers of personalities were trapped here in a spiritual sense and could not progress without higher level permission.

5- One of Michael’s bestowal conditions was to end the cycle of mandatory reincarnation of certain classifications of ¬†personalities.

6- Free Will is never disregarded for any of Urantia’s progressing mortals.

7- It is up to the individual progressing mortal to choose, after physical death, to move onward to morontia form or to return for more flesh experience. [where that happens depends on the nativity planet of the personality.]

8- Most of the information regarding life after death is positioned with regard to NORMAL planetary development or Mornontia fused progressers, not unfused mortals.

9- Little is discussed directly about the concept that flesh experience is a singular experience and might not be survivable to higher level experiences and how that works.

¬†more soon…

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