Past life 1500’s


 Image: Sailing ship in the 1500’s – 1600’s. In a storm.

storm ship 7070734_s

This life memory is a fragment at and near the death experience much like the WWII concentration camp experience. I know the approximate date from the type of ship in my memory. It was a three masted ship and identifying its basic outlines with maritime imagery it appears to be from the late 1500’s to early 1600’s.

My memory is of being a male. Age late twenties or early thirties. Olive skin like Spanish or Portuguese. The language I remember does sound like Spanish though different than I have studied in this life for 7 years.  I recall that work was comprised of deck hand chores and combat with others in what seems to be piracy. We were the aggressors.

My final thoughts were the fear involved with drowning in a turbulent sea as I watched my ship capsize and sink. I remember the cold water and my feeling of hopelessness at the end.

To this day I have a foreboding feeling whenever I am in a position to see into deep ocean waters. The feeling was so strong I did what was necessary to relieve the feeling by going underwater both by snorkle and diving suit. The deep fear has subsided but the foreboding still lingers.

I have a call to the sea as a love but the other emotion tempers that.


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