Past Life Circa 35 CE

 Image: actual old Jerusalem square, Edited.

jerusalem 1 edited

 This is probably my most controversial past life memory.

As you may have noticed by now none of my past life memories are remarkable. I’ve always been someone of average stature. With one exception, the Indian chief Morning Star. Even then he was not so famous amongst the many other historical figures.

This life I am again male which seems to be my predominate memory among all the memories. Though I identify with both sexes today. Of the two I feel the feminine is superior in spite of my former and present gender choices.

I have provided two images to help you imagine my past life in Jerusalem about the year 35. Yes the same time period in which the one known as Jesua Ben Joseph existed. You may know him as Jesua or Jesus.

Yes he was a real figure in history contrary to many detractors. He also wasn’t what many have tried to make him. He was more and less depending on the version of history you read.

I was there.

The first image is similar to a scene I remember clearly. I was standing at the entrance to a part of the original Jerusalem that opened up to a kind of courtyard like you see here in an actual photo of a part of old Jerusalem.

I have edited out features like domes and prayer towers which were not present at the time.

As I stood looking at the plaza I observed a common event for the time . A procession of Roman soldiers was escorting condemned criminals to the place of execution. They were carrying a large beam which would become their crossbeam for crucifixion.

One man about my age of early thirties stumbled and was being whipped to keep moving. A large black man assisted him by carrying his beam. The guards had to remove the fastenings to allow this to happen.

The black man was about the same age and seemed to have no problem lifting the beam. A crowd of people was in the square. Some cheering the condemned as criminals others crying and wailing in grief.

A woman ran up to the resting condemned man as his binds were removed for the black man to take up the burden. She wiped his face with something and one guard shouted and whipped toward her in admonishment.

The procession continued toward the place of execution.

I followed. I knew this man as a teacher of spiritual values. I liked what he had to say though I wasn’t a close friend or anything.

If this scene sounds familiar … it should. I was apparently allowed to witness in that life the scene described. Later, I would meet in this lifetime, the black man who carried that beam for the one known as Jesus.

His name was Derral Hineman. He was a white male in this life. Still large in stature and very kind. He died while I was in prison. He and I were close friends for over 20 years. He died thinking I had betrayed him. I never had the chance to tell him others had betrayed him and I was protecting him. I really regret that, but I know that in a weird kind of viewpoint he already knows because of the no time no space feature of post physical living.

When we first met, I told him of my memory of him while we were becoming friends. He understood as he had certain memories of that time but not of me. Various psychically sensitive individuals had always told him he was a servant to Jesus in the far past. He never believed that because he took “servant” to mean slave and of course Jesus had no slaves. Historically speaking.

I watched Derral serve everyone around him, often at his own expense emotionally as well as financially and physically for as long as I knew him.

Derral taught me a great deal in this life about compassion and service to others.

In my past life Jerusalem memory, I was very influenced by the death of the teacher Jesua. After his execution I began public speaking his message to others. His message has been very twisted today but the main message remains accurate.

Which leads me to the second image I have provided. The wall and gate.

Image: Reconstruction of a rich man’s entry gate.

jerusalem gate 5039326_edited


Again I have reconstructed an image much like I remember so clearly. The gate is similar in feature to the one in the following story. The arch and wall is nearly exact. This wall is an actual old Jerusalem wall I have edited with features from memory.

The next picture is the edge of the wall looking toward the area where I was speaking to a group of people from the town. It too is edited to closely resemble what I was seeing when speaking in that life.


Image: What I saw as I stood near the gate. Reconstruction.

jerusalem wall edited

I was speaking to a group of about thirty people, men and women and a few children. I was simply giving the message taught by the Teacher Jesua ben Joseph. Some were liking what I had to say. Most though were angry at the message. I was surprised at their anger. It was a simple message. A loving message.

But it was not the message of the ruling priesthood of the day.

Someone shouted ” Stone the heretic!” (not in English of course) but I knew the words. The language sounded like Hebrew to my ears of today.  A stone was thrown by a man near the left of my vision. It struck  me on the left side of my face. I remember feeling anger at the attack. Another stone then another… mostly from the men in the group one woman only that I recall.

I was laying on the ground in front of that gate hurting. I was shouting for someone to help me when the gate opened up behind me and a young woman helped drag me through the gate then she closed it and made it secure somehow. There was continuous pounding on the gate… loud curses and stones hitting the gate and thrown over the wall.

The young woman was deep olive skinned. Dark shoulder length hair. I’d say in her mid to early twenties by my memory. Her name was Rachael. Her father was a rich man and she had been listening to me from the other side of the gate. When the stoning began she chose to help as described.

That is as much as I remember except for the message I was teaching. I’ll discuss that elsewhere. Not here.

In this life, in my post about the message from the Dolphins post #39 I described an attractive brunette who arrived just as I was giving my message from the Dolphins. I was immediately attracted to her on so many levels and I knew… it was her from nineteen hundred years earlier in Jerusalem … it was Rachael.

Today we have been good friends for over 25 years. Her actual name is Rachel. Again quite synchronistic. I have always had a very strong connection to her though she remembers nothing about me in any past life kind of memory. But I know her. We eventually became business partners and close platonic friends though I always wanted a love relationship.  We were public speakers together.

She and I and Derral were close friends for many years until Derral died and I enjoyed a five year vacation in a federal prison.

Strange isn’t it how personalities become regrouped in different life experiences. Yet it often happens.

This is the only past life memory I have no memory of physical death. I don’t know why.

I have used remote viewing to verify many of my memories in this time period. Most have proven accurate. A few have not.

Since my off world experience in 1987 was specifically with Michael who previously was known in the human form of Jesua Ben Joseph I find there is a certain  symmetry  in my multi-re -embodiment experiences.  Rachel was present when I encountered the “Amanda” entity. She helped save me again. Rachel was present when I was in business with covert government agents , without my knowledge, … she saved me there too. She saved me in so many ways while also teaching me the true nature of compassion and thinking with my heart. I owe her much in that regard.















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