Reincarnation- Misinterpretation.

[NOTE: This posting is a summarization of a much larger document I wrote on the subject using references from others. You can find that longer document at a link on the bottom of this summary or in the dropdown  index on part 4  .]

Reincarnation as most people understand it does not exist. However, in its original meaning it does indeed exist.

I do not require that you believe in RI. I do hope though you will suspend your disbelief long enough to consider the possibility.

How can I claim to know?

I have past life memories. I’ve had them since birth. I never used hypnosis to access them. They simply are.

In addition, I have studied the subject for decades in an attempt to understand why my knowing is contrary to generally accepted societal beliefs regarding the subject. I now understand and impart what I know to you.

A reference source I highly recommend is a book : Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation by Ian Stevenson, M.D.  I agree with most of what is contained within from personal experience. His detractors seem to have their own agenda to hide the truths of afterlife.

I also wish to address the many readers of religious texts. Don’t be so sure you have been given the truth by those who interpret texts for you. They too have agendas against reality to maintain certain priesthood powers. Those who read the Urantia Book need to know the following. The big blue book contains a code within the text. It is easily found once you know it is there. I have named it sub-text. The book is filled with a sub-textual learning. While I think it can be found without the use of modern day word search algorithms and computer technology it will take a long time using such guides as the U.B. Concordex.

Here is how the sub-text is found. Using the word search of various Urantia Book on line providers or an electronic copy provided by the Urantia Book Foundation, do a search for the idea of reincarnation. You will obtain many text references that seem to indicate that the subject is cut and dried with the outcome concluding the non-existence of RI.

Actually, that is only a surface investigation. The actual text on such a cursory search is about TRANSMIGRATION not actually REINCARNATION. They are not the same thing. Then by searching related topics one will find that the UB actually DOES address the principal of RI in other terms which I call RE-EMBODIMENT. Search term bestowal and its various forms too.

I will post a full discussion of the sub-text in a separate series of pages.

For now the overall summary of my years of  investigation is this from all sources I have studied. Including myself.

Original concept of RI.

Long before the various world priesthoods changed its meaning, the concept of RI was thus. An individual inhabited a flesh body. The individual was NOT the body. The spiritual component of the body was immortal and could inhabit many bodies over time and space. When the physical body was no longer inhabited by the spiritual component the physical body would decompose into its many atomic and molecular parts. The water of the body would evaporate or be absorbed into the earth. The mineral components would degrade into various amounts as well. Back to dust so to speak.

The other living elements of the planet such as trees, grass, flowers, grains etc… would utilize the various components of the destructed physical body. The planetary moisture containing the water elements of the destructed physical body would be utilized by many other forms of plant and animal life including other humans.

Through this process the PHYSICAL FORM is in a sense reborn in other forms. Not the spiritual component.

The spiritual component was considered apart from all physical forms. IT does not die … it simply transforms into its original form of energy. A kind of energy that has god-like qualities. IT has the ability to exist apart from the physical with which we all identify in what we call “our life”.

So what happens to that spiritual component after it leaves the physical shell? That is where the message of the ancients gets twisted by more recent priesthoods.


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