RI Misinterpretation continued 3

In the PHYSICAL DIMENSION you have a sense of time and space. You sense space as length, width and depth. You also synthesize the idea of time passing in one direction … forward. Yet you can also synthesize the idea of time past and the present.

If you stand in one place and do not move you can sense these ideas fully. Yet time is only visible to you in the NOW. You can anticipate the possible future of things by synthesizing all the NOW data and projecting a possible future to view. The same with the PAST… you can understand or synthesize what has occurred by observing all the data and giving it meaning.

Here is an example. Plant a seed. Say an acorn.  You stand there for 10 years from planting to the ten year mark. You may observe the seed. You may observe the growth of the seed. You observe the result of the growth in ten years if the growth is not hampered by other forces like a fire or drought.

You have NOT moved in space… You have in a sense moved through time by not moving. But, it is a one way movement from your perception.  You remember the seed but cannot return to its beginning. Only the memory you stored is available to you. You can REVIEW the life of the seed from its planting but cannot visit it in reality. Or can you?

Stay with me on this. It will become clear soon if it is not now.

When you move about in the three dimensions of your physical existence you are also observing the movement of time in one direction. Just like the tree example. You are gathering large amounts of information relative to your position as you move around. You get to move in many directions physically but observe in only ONE direction depending on what you focus upon.  IF you plant that seed and then move around doing life you miss many periods when the seed is developing. You might remember seeing it planted. You  might visit it in a year and again in five years and again in ten years. IN those short instances you will have observed MOMENTARY snapshots of the developing tree. NOT THE ENTIRE SEQUENCE of that tree’s life of ten years. You missed a great deal.

This is a SPACE TIME concept of your existence.

Now I will compare a TIME SPACE concept of existence. Note the reverse of words.


When you pass out of the physical where your body is located into the next level of what I have called the in-between your perceptions change.

You no longer perceive ONLY the dimensions of space (height, width, length) you also have the ability to choose to see ANYTHING at ANY TIME in its existence.

You will do this with intent. For example, the life of the tree.  IF you transitioned (died) when the tree was five years in growth, you could stand by that tree and observe its planting by wanting to see it. You can perceive ANY moment through its existence from planting to its eventual death simply by wanting to perceive it. The  catch though is you must remain stationary at one point, observing the location of the tree in your perception and time takes on the quality of movement in several directions.

Your position is NON MOVING. Your point of focus. Time movement of your focus point can now be observed moving to what you might think of as the past, the present or the future. The future may have many possibilities depending on your focus point … for now we’ll pretend it has only one outcome.


In SPACE TIME perception space appears to move about a point in time we call the present or now.

IN TIME SPACE perception time appears to move about a point in space we might call here or there.

Need a visual concept? Review the classic movie The Time Machine. There is a scene where a time traveler sits at one point observing the passage of time around him. He is able to move back and forth or remain in one spot for observing the changes of SPACE about him.

Because time is multi directional when you are in the in-between dimension you can review many aspects of your physical life and it takes no time at all from your perspective. It is in an instant or can seem like ages. It is in this area of TIME SPACE you determine if you want to return to another material existence or to progress onward to higher dimensions of the NO TIME NO SPACE existence we  think of as the spiritual or energy dimension some call it heaven or the heavenly realms.

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