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I need to digress a moment.

Science says that our understanding of our universe is expanded to include many dimensions.  A simple analogy might be the idea of air and water.

If our planet is considered a living universe we can think of air as a dimension water as a dimension (below the surface) with the transition line between air and water the “veil” or dimensional interface.

If you were a fish living within the waters depths you might think only that was the physical world. If you one day managed to rise above the water you would KNOW that there was something more. Then if you were also fortunate enough to rise above the water and encounter dry land you would perhaps interpret that as still another dimension. Yet it is actually just another form of the area below air. Water and land being similar in that they BOTH are separate from the air. Then of course we know there is something above air we call space.

But as a fish we know only the two possibilities. We are not fish yet we have just such divisions in our perception.

As humans we sense our physical surroundings. A few of us through various means such as the so called NDE (Near Death Experience) or OOB (out of body experience) or perhaps even through the technique of NLA (non local awareness AKA psychic ability) know there is something more just outside of our physical senses.

It is like the interface between water and air. Unseen … but there.

I will keep this simple for our discussion. Even though there are an infinite number of dimensions we care only about three right now.

Think of them as THE PHYSICAL you sense around you. THE SPIRITUAL energy (like air) you don’t sense. And one I have coined THE IN-BETWEEN. There are more subdivisions but this is all that really matters for this discussion.

Your body exists in the physical dimension. Your spiritual self, your identity/personality aka SOUL exists in the spiritual at all times. It is connected to the physical with a kind of intention. Think of it as a link which you cannot see.

When you leave your body through living methods like an OOB you can sense this link. Some describe it as a “silver cord”. When you leave your body through the process of physical death that link is severed. You don’t go directly to the spiritual. You first go to the place I’ve named the in-between. It is part physical and part non-physical.

Like the interface in-between the water and air is a little of both.

In this in-between dimension you can still “see” or perceive the physical world. You can also perceive elements of the non-physical.

It is in this in-between place your personality/identity exercises its true FREE WILL.  Free will is the basic law of our universe as laid down by the designer of the Universe(s). Even the Designer does not break this law. FREE WILL is the supreme law of any sentient being.

So … what is this great exercise in free will I am discussing? It is YOUR CHOICE TO RE-EMBODY into the physical existence or to PROGRESS onward to the spiritual levels of personality existence. EVERY religion on this world recognizes the concept of FREE WILL. Not all practice it. Many religions speak of the in-between in fear based nomenclature. Think of the idea of the purgatory concept. One doesn’t want that does one? Or do you?

The in-between is a place. It’s right here with you at all times just as air is always above the water. I consider it a form of PHYSICAL existence as it is still part physical. When there you can sense the full physical where your body once existed. This in-between is also a no time no space kind of place. That takes some explanation.

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