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[NOTE: This paper is written primarily to those who have studied the Urantia Book and Biblical texts. While that is the point of view I believe anyone with an interest in the subject of re-incarnation(RI) or as I call it Re-Embodiment (RE)will find the text helpful.]

Topics covered are based upon personal experiences, as well as independent research of Urantia Book text and other resources.

It is intended that you will do your own investigation into the claims made herein. I am always interested in research by others and alternate views. Feel free to leave such information on the convenient comment sections or by email. Inflamatory responses will be deleted.

I know that many readers embrace the Urantia Book text in a style akin to a fundamentalist Christian. That’s perfectly fine. Remember though that the UB itself tells us that not all is contained in the text. Much was left out as our human society was not yet ready to know some things.

I believe that the UB is valid but, we do not always understand the true depth of its teachings. I have found this to be quite true for me. I thought after the first two full readings I had it down completely. To my chagrin after many, many more readings,[ over a dozen full readings] I learned there was much more truth encoded within the sub-text I discovered.

I hope this first topic I share with you will indicate how that sub-text does exist.

I have two quotes, favorites on any topic I write, I wish to share before you begin:

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance”
Albert EinStein

“It is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies.”
Thomas Huxley

So Brothers and Sisters here are my findings I share by topic:

The topic of this paper:

1) The Urantia Book does indeed support the idea of multiple flesh experiences often referred to as re—incarnation. I call it re-embodiment, multiple experiential lives or in some cases it might be called rehabilitative incarnations. I will use the abbreviation RE to describe the multiple lives concept even when others call it re-incarnation.

Future topics:

2) The Creator has no judgment on our sexual preferences nor how we may express them so long as free will is not abused. The Urantia text supports this idea.

3) The Luciferian rebellion is not yet completed in the physical-temporal frame of reference. Yes, it is technically over but Urantia humans are still under slavery conditions from the rebellion with extraterrestrial overlords, WITH the knowledge of our Creator and the Celestials.

4) We already have access to ALL of God’s powers. One simply needs the key to use them (on a limited basis). It was a gift from Michael when he resurrected and sent the Spirit of Truth. You can prove this to yourself immediately.

5) The various designations of celestial creatures known as Life Carriers or Adam and Eves are known to us today as specific groups of extraterrestrials found in much UFO and ancient literature. The Urantia text supports this.

6) Our DNA is much more than you think!

These six areas of discovery, and I’m sure there will be many more as I continue to investigate in depth, will be presented individually. There will be some overlapping subject matter as they are all inter-related. However the biggest one, the, most controversial, will be the first designation. Re—Incarnation.[RE]

It appears on the surface that the concept of RE is strictly and simply “WRONG THINKING” because of certain explicit statements in the Urantia text, especially the fourth section where  Jesus makes certain statements. I hope to demonstrate that even we … the so called advanced humans of today … have misinterpreted his words.

In order to begin this dialog with you, in the investigation of my findings, you will require some background information so we are all on the same page.

Please remember this is a friendly dialog. I fully believe in the veracity of the Urantia Book text.

Remember also , Michael for some reason, directed me to the information and subsequently gave me more information not contained in the text. [I received additional lines of text between lines of text when I first read the Urantia Book after returning from off world.]

There must have been a reason. Perhaps it was to introduce these deeper ideas already contained in the text as a kind of sub—text to be discovered by us when we had more historical information to draw upon.

Everything has a season I suppose.

 “In the beginning…there was the text…and the text was good.

All of God’s children who read the text were joyous and felt the freedom that the truth of the text brought to their lives.

Then they matured and the text opened up unto them with new revelations causing much more to consider…

Would they understand the deeper meanings or would they repeat history and kill the messenger …again.”

Such are my personal thoughts when I share these ideas which I was given.

Our Creator wants us to be fearless in our life experiences. So, in all honesty and candor, I present this information to get us all on my current page. In spite of my fear.

This journey into the discussion of Re-Embodiment did not start with my 1987 off world experience. It started at my birth the early 1950’s. Since birth I have had
memories of past lives, consciously and without the benefit of any type of hypnosis such as past life regression therapy.

I will start this information with my personal memories of past lives compare my descriptions to experiences of others, detailed with highly respected RI/RE researchers.

The many memories listed below can be read in detail on the website under the index named Past Lives? At the top of every page.

I know many of you may also have such memories too but may fear around sharing them with others. The fear of ridicule or rejection can be very strong.

My conscious past life memories include:

Memory #1: The Phobos – Mars experience.
Memory #2: The Jerusalem experience.
Memory #3: The Scotland Experience.
Memory #4: The Shipwreck experience.
Memory #5: The New World Farm experience.
Memory #6: The Brothel- experience.
Memory #7: The Native American Indian Experience.
Memory #8: The Concentration Camp experience.
Memory #9: The present day duality experience.
Memory #10 The present day off-world duality experience.

All of these memories I have had since childhood with the exception of the last two designations. Those I discovered while in this life as part of my experiences of discovery.

I have also had interaction with beings in THIS life time since age one year with various groups of extraterrestrials.

That last disclosure may immediately turn you off for any sense of credibility regarding my topical discussion now. If it does I bid you farewell and bid you
Peace as our Father Michael would do.

Borrowing a phrase:

Let those with the eyes to see…SEE.
Let those with the ears to hear… HEAR.
Let those with an open mind . ..continue.

There are many texts written by various authors regarding the subject of Re Embodiment. I have chosen the few best in my humble opinion which accurately portray the TRUE concept of RE as opposed to the faulty understandings of many over the centuries and indeed for millennia.

Jesus spoke of TWO ideas. One was RI/RE the other was TRANSMIGRATION.

In his human earth bestowal days he referenced both, as did the other Celestials in their discussions upon the subject matter. THEY ARE DIFFERENT IDEAS.

However,in Jesus’s day they were intermingled as they are very often today. So, we need to separate the wheat [good thought] from the chaff [ wrong thought]so to speak.


Continued in part 2.


  1. At first I was unclear regarding your commentary. It seemed to fit the subject and also did not seem to fit. As your comment was associated with the beginning discussion regarding sub-text of UB documents I decided to approve your comment. I am hopeful you are not trying to say that my knowledge and personal experience is faulty regarding the UB material as that would be unfortunate for you and many who read my humble blog. I know what I know and I know what the higher beings imparted to me.

    I have yet to post the conclusions of the knowledge and its appropriate backup materials. Time will tell how my knowledge is accepted or rejected.

    Thank you for your insights.


    Apr 12, 2013 @ 17:36:18
  2. Arthur

    It as much about empathy as cliarty. A wise and careful communicator weighs mindfully what their words may mean to their listeners beyond the apparent dictionary definitions and invites questions to enable clarification of the real intent. People will fill any gaps of comprehension with negative meaning, unless open dialogue bridges those gaps. People will also look very hard for any gaps between words said and actions observed and draw confidence from consonance and anxiety from discrepancy. The message sent from one context is not the message received in any other context. That was always the case, but recently too many influential people have twisted the meanings of words to suit their own purposes of obfuscation and evasion that fewer and fewer people trust any message, especially the most apparently neutral.

    Apr 12, 2013 @ 15:45:12

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