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These ideas presented are the reason the people of Jesus’s time were also confused. Can you imagine trying to describe to the men of that time the atomic and chemical recycling that goes on in Nature? AND . . .then add that the ENERGY of the soul is separate and distinct?

It is true when I die and am essentially recycled parts of my former body become part of a wolf who ate the rabbit who ate the grass that was grown with my moisture and chemical components. But only the wolfs’ body parts. NOT the personality/mind of the essential me.

So they were confused and to understand they wrongly applied the ideas of KARMA/righteousness to the description. If you’re a good person you progress to say, a king. If you are a bad person you devolve into a grasshopper.

The more enlightened ancients of that time applied the idea to migration of the soul to another human body BUT of lesser status or higher status. That is another fallacy based on the idea of Karma as it is applied to the idea of RE.

Jesus tried hard to dispell these ideas in their false forms. He spoke primarily about TRANSMIGRATION.

I want to use one more good reference item from the book called “THERE IS A RIVER” which is about Edgar Cayce. In the section called PHILOSOPHY,“ Casey makes statements about RE that are startling in their similarity to the concepts within the UB text. You will find every concept of which Casey speaks in the UB and to some lesser degree in Biblical references.[Although it is possible he knew of it… they were contemporary.]

Casey was world famous for his concept of RI but few actually then what he meant by the idea. Here are a few excerpts from his text:

“God desired to express himself … he projected from himself the Cosmos and souls…the building blocks were all the same material, which man calls the life essence. It was a power sent out from God…”

“. . . the plan of its evolution. . . was to be accomplished. . .by change. . .and great experience.” 

“Activity was begun and maintained by the law of attraction and repulsion.” [Think gravity as described in the UB]

“The pattern used was that of God Himself;”

“In building the soul there was spirit, with its knowledge of identity with God; there was the active principle of mind; and there was the ability to experience the activity of mind separately from God.”

“To the new individual there was given ,necessari1y ,the power to choose and direct its own activity; without free will it would remain a part of the individuality of God.”

“The record of this free will is the soul.”

“Thus the soul consisted of two states of consciousness: that of the spirit, bearing a knowledge of its identity with God,and that of the new individual ,bearing a knowledge of everything it experienced.”

“The plan for the soul was a cycle of experience, unlimited in scope and enduration, in which the new individual would come to know creation in all its aspects, at the discretion of will. The cycle would be completed when the desire of will was no longer different from the thought of God.”

“In this state the soul would retain its consciousness of a separate individuality and would be aware that of its own free will it now acted as a part of God…”

“The plan for the soul included experience of all creation. . .”

“Gradually it acquired experience, becoming a complementary rather than an imitative force. It helped to extend, modify, and regulate creation. It grew, as did Jesus in  “wisdom and beauty .”

“It was a voluntary assumption of an attitude, not to fall into error, and once a sex was assumed it was generally retained through the cycle of earth lives, though it could be exchanged from life to life, if the change were considered advantageous. Awareness of sex was retained between lives, but could only be expressed on earth.”

“The plan for the earth cycle of souls was a series of incarnations,interlarded with periods of dwelling in other dimensions of consciousness in the system–[when] the earth cycle was finished and the soul could go on to new adventures.”

“The plan of man went into action.. .he only believed what he could see and feel and prove in terms of his conscious mind. Then he began to fight his way upward, using the only tools he had left; suffering, patience, faith, and the power of mind.”

“The Christ soul helped man. As Enoch, as Melchizedek, it took on flesh,to teach and to lead … .Enoch and Melchizedek were not born, did not die.”

“The Christ soul realized after the assumptions of flesh that it was necessary to set a pattern for man, to show him the way back to Himself. “

“He, Jesus, triumphant over death and the body, became the way, laying down the ego of the will, accepting the crucifixion, returning to God. He is the pattern we are to follow.”

“Free will is finding that all roads lead finally to the same destination”

“Debts incurred in the flesh must be met in the flesh.”

“Every person’s life is shaped to some extent by karma[choice]:… But these,singly or together, are not greater than free will. It is what the person does about these influences and urges, how he reacts to them,that makes a difference in his soul development.” [ED.Note: we are talking about what the UB calls VALUE here.]

“Things other than pattern concern the soul in its selection of a body; coming situations in history, former associations with parents, the incarnation, at about the same time, of souls it wishes to be with and with whom it has problems to work out.”

“The personality is a high-lighted portion of the individuality, experiencing three-dimensional consciousness. The rest of the individuality remains in shadow, giving tone to the personality; urges, appreciation, tastes,avocations, and what it loosely termed “charm” – the background to which intuition responds. The personality is shaped by three or four incarnations,”

“A soul, to experience earth again, might assume any of several personalities, each of which would express a portion of itself.”

“The incarnations which influence the personality reflect their patterns in the person’s life.”

“…if the life is successful, considerable progress is made toward freedom from flesh.”

“Its record is retained, . . .”

“So the problems of individualities, the problems of groups, the problems of races and nations, are worked upon time and again until by free will, they are solved, and the souls could go on to other worlds, other systems, other universes .

“For it is not what one counts as knowledge that is important,nor what one would attain in material realms, but what one does about that which is known as constructive forces and influences in the experiences of thyself and thy fellow man.”


Remember the overall flavor of the information Casey shares. As you go through the many examples in your research later they will begin to sound familiar in many other text sources.

Cayce believed in limited incarnations until the soul progressed to some level of value, that enabled the soul to choose by its own free-will to move to higher planes.[ED: morontia realms.]

Here is one last set of examples from another source before I move on.

The early Christian church believed in RE as part of what they understood Jesus’s teaching to include. Eventually , because they could not get the men of the day to end the same confusion of TRANSMIGRATION it was delegated to be heresy and was dropped. But, not before some history was written in that regard.

Origen (186—254 AD) A disciple of St. Clement and of Amonius Saccas, the the founder of the Neo-Platonic school,is considered one of the greatest christian scholars and thinkers.


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