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One quotation from his writings, showing that he rejected the idea of TRANSMIGRATION into animals,[was contained in his writing]. Other quotations showing that he ACCEPTED the doctrines of pre-existence and reincarnation, follow:

Origen Adamantius ON FIRST PRINCIPLES Bk. III, Ch III (Sec.5) Book IV,CHI,Sec 23 of the same work. The text is too lengthy to include
in this writing so I leave it to you to research his early writing. [ED: I'll link to it soon.]

Because Origin was a near contemporary of Jesus time his words carry some weight. Later the church condemned his position because the general population had trouble separating the belief of transmigration of animals and reincarnation. The easiest rout for the Church was to then condemn and stop teaching RI Principles.

  “After the condemnation of these Origenistic doctrines by the church authorities, pre-existence and reincarnation could no longer be taught or tolerated as part of the church teachings.”

Here is a final quote from the book on Life s Riddle:

“Why should it be thought incredible that the same soul should inhabit in succession an indefinite number of mortal bodies, and thus prolong its experience and its probation till it has become in every sense ripe for heaven or the final judgment? Even during this one life our bodies are perpetually changing, though by a process of decay and rest-oration which is so gradual that it escapes our notice. Every human being thus dwells successively in many bodies , even during one short life.”


Have you ever thought about that? Medical science now knows that our BODY replaces 100%, of its cellular structure every 7 years! So in essence what the quote says is true. We do inhabit progressively new bodies on a consecutive basis even though we call it one life.

Before I move on to the Urantia Book texts in support of my position of RE I want to include something from what is called the UB Teaching Mission.

This information is not part of the UB text. It IS from personalities who transmit information to present day humans in furtherance of UB teachings. The transmissions are received in much the same fashion as Casey but have not had the long term scrutiny of Casey’s claims. Those of you who believe in the veracity of the Teaching Mission will find the information telling.

Those of you who do not believe in the UB teaching Mission can simply disregard these few quotations.

[There are 63 transcripts containing the word “reincarnation”] I have listed only a few pro and con herein:

Nov. 27, 1992, Indianapolis, In, WELMEK is the personality.

A: “As stated in the text of the Urantia Book, Reincarnation as commonly understood , meaning that you as a human being have had a previous existence upon this planet is not real…”

 “The experience of thinking that one has had a previous existence is a real phenomenon to the extent that you have a strong impression made upon your mind.” 

” there is in a sense, a sort of genetic memory within each of you.”…

” There is a mind circuit, a universal mind, and it is as i each of you are plugged into it in a sense. On occasion, is possible to tap into this mind, and to possibly pick up a memory, a reflection, an experience of some other human being who has contributed due to their life on this planet to this collective cultural unconscious mind.”

[Note: While I am fully aware of this phenomenon because it is a good description of Non Local Awareness also known as Remote Viewing, I personally reject the idea that this is the source of my memory. I have remote viewed, many times and places, in my later years and the experience is not even close to the same in texture or feeling. I leave open the idea that I can be wrong. But, I don’t think so. I discuss this in more detail in other sections.]

 December 1992, Cincinatti, OH, Tarkas is the personality.

 “. . .the concept of reincarnation has evolved in part from misunderstanding. .. there is some enlightenment that has been misconstrued.”

“If you understood that after this life you are living now that you would would live other lives and you did not have a cosmic perspective, would you not confuse this and think of it as coming back to live in this world?”

[Note: This could be closer to the truth if indeed the individuals like me who have past life memories, DID NOT ORIGINATE  on this world but served additional lives AFTER their first life on another world.]

April 17,1993, Arcadia, CA, Signa is the personality.

“. . .”there is no reincarnation that would bring you back to your sphere of nativity. Though you are reincarnated many times in your onward progression toward the father but you never stay at the same level in your reincarnation [experience] you always progress.”

[Note: Another reference to the idea that RI is only once on the FIRST life on your FIRST planet of existence. But, can be many times on DIFFERENT planetary spheres.]

February 14,1999 ,Canada, Malcom is the personality.

. ..”If reincarnation is a vital part of the Father’s divine Plans, you would indeed, at this time in your teachings ,have had this concept made absolutely
clear in your text. One must indeed be very careful not to superimpose their own interpretations onto the passages that seem to suggest the theory of reincarnation.”

[Note: This would seem to chastise one such as I for even trying to show that the text is explicit about the RE principals. Yet this same entity-personality says this in the same session]

. . .”Some ascending mortals DO return from dispensations past or from other worlds, but as teachers, and even then under special assignment to aid
in the upliftment of a planet…” [Note: see? yes RE in special cases.]

April 10,2006 Mill valley , California NEBADONIA is the personality.

“. . .human beings do not reincarnate in successive human lives on Urantia”

[Note: the emphasis is mine. The personalities ALWAYS seem to stress the idea that there is reincarnation just NOT on the SAME planet as your FIRST Life! ]

I think that is a good sampling of the rather negative sessions. There are also many positive ones but I prefer to use the negative ones as they are the most interesting as they SEEM to go against my position. The other many TM sessions you can view yourself on the teaching mission archives with a word search on reincarnation.

Many will simply skirt the issue with no answer on the subject. Others will reiterate the idea that it is often misunderstood. Others will ascribe it to genetic memory, of some kind etc…

Now that you have those rather lengthy excerpts of ideas concerning reincarnation from others let’s finally get to the meat of the matter. This part too you will have to have some patience. There is a lot to cover.

First, take a look at the diagram  I call “AS ABOVE  SO  BELOW”.  It is a visual representation of the CONCEPT I propose is active on Urantia [earth] at this time.

Keep this DIAGRAM in mind as we now travel through my concepts and the UB and other texts. Click on image to make it bigger.



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