My book.

I’ve written a book which I may make available after I see the response to this blog site. It’s called “God Doesn’t Need a Starship” which is created from a line from one of the Star Trek movies.   You might have seen it. Kirk and Crew were basically hijacked by a Vulcan seeking his(…)

A few words before I begin.

A few words before I begin my story. Much of what you will read will seem like so much science fiction or fantasy. It is however my personal experience and I have not added anything to my experiences to make them more appealing to a reader. It was what it was. Some people who were(…)

Hello world!

Welcome! This is my personal experience. In September of 1987 I was taken off world and shown many things. It has taken me over 25 years to decide to share the full story.   You don’t have to believe anything I write herein. I am not seeking to start any following based on my experience.(…)

#98 That was interesting.

In post number 97 I said I would continue the text with this post. I chose to wait until I saw if anyone was really interested in what I had to say. It is now November 5th, 2014 and I have had NOT ONE question or request on the material in over tens of thousands(…)

#97 Geo-Engineering continued Part 4.

In editing. Check back tomorrow.  

#96 Geo-Engineering continued Part 3.

Before continuing on possible dual agendas being performed right in front of our perception, let’s answer a serious question. Why would anyone want to knowingly work for an agenda that would harm human kind? What could an ET master offer a human minion who already had money and power beyond what they could ever use(…)

# 95 Geo-Engineering continued Part 2.

Let’s look at geo-engineering from an atmospheric perspective. Throughout recorded history this lush oxygen rich world has steadily declined in a way less favorable to humans. In areas of the world where trees and vegetation are scarce, warfare has been prolific. Volney mapped such areas with historical trends. His data showed that those areas indeed(…)

# 94 Volney Stefflre and the Original Alien Geo-engineering Agenda Report.

  “There are some things in the world that are out of your control, and other things in the World that you can influence through your efforts.”                       Professor Volney Steffler, 1990 This post is one of my efforts to influence an outcome. Contained within my(…)

#93 Great additional resource for preparedness!

# 92 ETs and Celestials Regarding Free Will

  A few days ago I observed a kind of conversation between two groups and a third who was interested but not part of the conversation. The topic regarded elements within the text known as the Urantia Book. Specifically it revolved around the concepts of physical aliens and celestial beings of a non physical nature.(…)

#91 Final post on Time Travel.

 As discussed in an earlier post, this is a continuation of time travel technology and it consequences as it pertains to the traveler. There are rumors and whispers and overt disclosures of various “secret” programs that have been written about. One is the mythical but real “Philadelphia Experiment”, the “Billy Meier” time travel photos and(…)

#90 More … Earth technology of TIME TRAVEL and its consequences.

  Many individuals at one time or another wish they had a time machine. But does such technology exist today? The answer is yes. Such technology is impossible say mainstream scientists… they are quite wrong. It may NOT exist in their view because they are still focused on the old theories by respected predecessors. The(…)

#89 How I was transported through TIME-SPACE without a craft.

   The image at the left is the first image on this blog site. It was the closest image I could find that represented what I experienced in 1987. If you go to post number three you will encounter a letter I wrote to a foundation regarding my experience. It was not complete as I(…)

#88 ET – Time Travel Information continued.

This is my second topic listed in the previous post #87. How an individual travels through TIME-SPACE.   Previously, I explained what many readers may already know. YOU, the essential YOU is not your body even though you may identify with it. The energetic/spiritual component of YOU is the real you. It is the non-corporeal(…)

#87 ET Based Time Travel Information

If you have read my earlier posts, especially post #25, you may remember I was invited to be the first US representative for speaking about the “Billy Meier” UFO information on behalf of the case investigators. If you buy into the so called debunking of this long lasting case you are greatly misled by dis(…)

#86 Time Travel information continued.

     Many of you reading these posts may have seen one or all of the Matrix movies. Some of you may have read about remote viewing techniques where the universal data base is called the Matrix. Some of you may have attended seminars regarding a term called ” quantum jumping”. Some of you may(…)

#85 More about Time Travel Concepts and Application

    We need to digress a moment in our time travel information journey. Before we move forward regarding the access and usage of Time-Space sensing let’s look at what we might expect as we begin practicing to sense differently. We are influenced from birth into our physical body to sense in a LINEAR fashion(…)

#84 Understanding Time Travel From Several Points of View. TIME-SPACE.

    Time- Space is the opposite of Space – Time as it pertains to your perceptions. You are presently existing in the perception of Space – Time. In your sleep periods you actually utilize BOTH Time-Space and Space-Time perceptions. In your waking state you occasionally shift into your Time-Space perception mode when you enter(…)

#83 Understanding Time Travel From Several Points of View. SPACE-TIME.

I was asked what my observations were regarding time since I have traveled in time in various ways including to a point called no space-no time. I want to make my position very clear … I DO NOT HAVE any kind of time travel device. I am not discussing the mathematics or physics of time(…)

#82 You can prove there is a higher power … God … so to speak.

Before you read the following rest at ease… this isn’t some religious posting in the traditional sense. It IS something for you to consider when thinking about what comes after death… Most humans tend to rely upon that term called “faith” or “belief” in determining that there is a divine force we commonly call God(…)

#81 K.E.Y. MacGyvering Shelter and Security

  This is the last of some basic preparedness suggestions. I do not wish to belabor the many aspects of preparedness as you can do that research for yourself. Many others have already provided in depth information for you on YouTube and in print. I do not wish to make it seem as if there(…)

# 80 K.E.Y. MacGyvering Food.

    If you are like many, living from paycheck to paycheck, it may not be possible to stock up on lots of food in a short period of time. It also may not be possible to can your own food like you see in the image at the left. First, if you DO have(…)

# 79 K.E.Y. MacGyver-ing Survival Water

If you should find yourself experiencing a long term emergency situation requiring survival skills you will need to be concerned about these areas in this order of priority: Water     Food Shelter   And security for all of those. If you are in a cold area or in winter heat will be a priority with(…)

#78 K.E.Y. Survival Suggestion – What to do FIRST.

MORE Knowledge Empowers You … A first step for survival. [NOTE: Not all of my posts will be about survival techniques. I simply want you to begin gathering  information for that JUST IN CASE scenario. To make it easier for you to distinguish my strange life posts from survival posts I will ad the title K.E.Y.(…)

#77 Knowledge Empowers You – Surviving Great Changes

        For over thirty years I’ve written about many of the same topics I’ve seen presented on other web sites like Rumor Mill News ( RMN) and a host of other venues. In truth I’ve known many of the authors  presented on such sites from time to time. During those same years(…)

#76 How to contact me if you wish.

I’ve received some inquiry as to the best way to contact me. This site has always had a message that the best way to contact me is through my publisher at link: Tuscan Sky Publishing by using the email located there.   At the request of several new readers you may also use this link(…)

#75 An example of our world’s problems.

I stopped writing posts for a while due to my own life challenges this year. So, here I continue with posts as they occur in my life today.     I was sitting in a local coffee shop with a copy of the big blue Urantia Book sitting on my table. I do this every(…)

# 74 More posts soon.

I have been occupied with other life necessities for a while. I will resume more information additions soon.   Thank you for your patience.   David

#73 Native American Weather Control.

Chimney Rock National Monument is located just a few miles from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The image below is of the rock formations that give the location its name. This is a very sacred site for the Hopi and other Native Americans.  [IMAGE: National Park Service,Public Domain , click to enlarge] I had attended a ceremony(…)

#72 Another Survival Skill You Should Know.

The previous three skills I highly recommended for future survival were utilizing your innate yet very real intangible gifts. This is a more practical skill that requires very little effort and knowledge in food production. This link contains a free movie on how to grow your own food with little effort using a gardening(…)

# 71 Update on NLA resources.

Now active as a separate page. Go here:  NLA RESOURCE PAGE

#70 Chogha ZanBil mystery

In Iran , Persia, Elamite. This particular post involves  another person whom I met while incarcerated as a political prisoner detailed in other posts. I was teaching Urantia Book basics for other interested inmates when a man approached me with quite a story. His name  is Lindsay [last name withheld]. He knew nothing about the(…)

#69 Stillness as a survival skill.

          When you think of the word stillness what comes to mind? Quiet? No breeze? Not moving? Still water? Something else? The kind of stillness to which I refer is stillness of mind in a listening mode. It can be considered a kind of meditation yet it need not be as(…)