#82 You can prove there is a higher power … God … so to speak.


Before you read the following rest at ease… this isn’t some religious posting in the traditional sense. It IS something for you to consider when thinking about what comes after death…

Most humans tend to rely upon that term called “faith” or “belief” in determining that there is a divine force we commonly call God in the western cultures. The same can be said for other cultures no matter what name is used in defining a higher power as a creator. It does not matter if you are an atheist, agnostic or believer through some religion or other spiritual practice.

It can indeed be empirically shown that there IS a power greater than ourselves. AND… you can do it in less than one minute.

I’ve used a simple technique on many occasions to show individuals, no matter how skeptical, that there is something they cannot detect through the five basic human senses … that they CAN detect in another way.

I’ll illustrate this with a couple of true personal examples.

I had met a man confined to a wheel chair due to a number of rather serious medical conditions. He was about seventy years of age and was so tired of the discomfort he was experiencing he wanted to die.

He had heard I was teaching some people he knew how to do rudimentary Non Local Awareness [NLA] practice. He came to me privately one morning and said point blank that he thought I was crazy as a loon and that there was no God.

He also confided that he used to be a “believer” in a God due to his childhood upbringing in a particular church dogma. Over the years, as he grew steadily weaker with no answer to his prayer for relief … he was over time convinced there is no God.

He wanted to confront me with my professed knowledge of an existence after physical death. He said , ” Can you prove to me that there is a God or at least something after death?”

I knew I could give him an experience that would at least let him question his atheistic position. I have no personal interest in whether or not he believed in a God. I know first hand he’ll find out when he leaves this body to move onward in his spiritual journey. He is in for a surprise.

What I DID care about was his present well being in spiritual and emotional pain thinking there is nothing. He came to me for help.

I said, “ If I can prove to you that there is something MORE than you in your physical body, right now, in less than one minute, will you consider that your atheist viewpoint might be in error?”

He answered if I could do that he would probably change his viewpoint to one of an agnostic … a belief that there is a possibility of a deity.

I took a clean sheet of white typing paper out of my notebook and a pen. I gave them to him  with this written on the sheet. [See diagram.]

I said he should take his pen and vtp109in each quadrant (square) formed by the intersecting lines, he should write a word or draw a simple line drawing of anything he senses. I also said he should NOT take more than 15 seconds for each square.

Before he began I wrote the target description that was represented by VTP109 on a sheet of scrap paper and placed it in my shirt pocket while he observed. He did not know what I had written.

( NOTE: OK all you trained Remote Viewers… this is not really front loading though I guess you could make a case for it.)

I said start and he wrote a word in each square and drew a simple line shape in the fourth square. One of his words was a smell he sensed. One of his words was a sound. One of his words was a feeling. And then shape was what it was. ( I’m not telling in case you want to do this too.)

After he placed his pen down I showed him the target description in my pocket.

He began to cry. His four pieces of information were exactly correct to the target without the need to fudge anything in making it “fit”.
His parting words to me were that he had indeed seen something he could not explain that should have been impossible unless there was some form of himself or spirit outside of his physical body. He said, “OK I’m agnostic again. That gives me something to think about.”

He died a week later. I know though he passed with a different attitude.

Another individual I did this with was a very dogmatic Christian of the Catholic faith. He confronted me one day stating I was going to “hell” for practicing magic. Even though I KNOW there is no such thing as “hell” after one passes out of the body I chose to answer him.

I explained that I was not doing so … that I was doing the same thing his religion taught only in a formal manner. He said, ” Prove it!”

I showed him a place in his personal Bible where it was written that “ all these things ye shall do and more…” was written. Then I showed him one of those things that was an exact example of Non Local Awareness involving the location of a donkey for a festival known as Palm Sunday.

I again brought out the clean sheet of paper and drew the cross hairs. I left off the target number and simply wrote the target descriptor on the scrap and placed it in my pocket once again. It was five words.

I then asked him to start … he said he got NOTHING because he was so afraid this was magic.

I said OK… let’s do this a different way. I had him turn the paper over and draw me the first image that comes to his mind.

He began to draw and this is essentially what he drew: [See diagram at left.]Target 2

He added the words without my prompting.

Now, it might be obvious to you that he was drawing just to feel safe with his drawing so it was within his belief system.

When he was finished and had set down his pen I took out the target description and let him open it.


He was very disturbed which surprised me. I though he’d be pleased he had gotten the target pretty well. Instead he said it was all a trick and I was still going to hell even though he expressed that he had actually seen the golden white light around some male figure on a cross and that the person was in pain.

I tell you this true story to show that no matter what your belief system … the connection to universal spirit … one many call God, is always present to answer your inquiry for information.

Now if you are still with me in this post I will explain why these two individuals got the information they got with no formal training or knowledge that they could even obtain such information in such fashion.

EVERY HUMAN on this world and other worlds whether you believe it or not, has a 24/7, always active link to all information everywhere continuously. It is accessed simply by paying attention to the answer, not the question. The answer is contained in all that is, aka God, which is linked to you through your pineal gland, which acts as a kind of universal Internet connection. Many refer to this as the MATRIX or similar names.

Animals have instincts which area kind of genetically encoded information library in their being. As humans we have access to all information IF we will choose to receive it. To receive it one need only pay attention ( with your inner eyes, ears and other senses).

The problem for most of you reading this is you are too distracted with what appears physical around you to be able to discern the answers. INCLUDING the presence of your Creator.

You don’t need to learn how to meditate like an expert to get the information. You DO need to stop talking in your mind a moment so the Deity can have a moment to talk… to get a word in … so to speak.

For those of you who have the same problem many with fundamental views of religion like the individual in the above example…look again at your sacred texts and you will find many references about listening to “The Still Small Voice within” … your Creator.