Wisdom imparted to me.

Subjects to be covered.

Most of these will be private pages accessible only through password which you must request. The reason for this is the controversy behind many of the subjects.

Many on our world are not  ready to hear what I was told due to their programming by institutions of many flavors.

You may access additional WISDOM on my new web material by clicking on this image:

 pleasure paradox cover rough 2


Sample topics: The secrets of Chogha ZanBil

Adulteration of Adultery through the ages.

What does the Universe Source think about same sex relationships.

What does the Universe Source think about sexuality on our world.

The weapon-ization of  Sex.

Life after Physical Death.

Faeries and other myths might not be what you think.

Giants of Earth … our redacted history.

Puberty and the destruction of the Family by unseen forces.

Were we the first humans?

The Universe and Humans.


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    Looking foreward to the whole book

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