# 92 ETs and Celestials Regarding Free Will


Dealing with Aliens

A few days ago I observed a kind of conversation between two groups and a third who was interested but not part of the conversation.

The topic regarded elements within the text known as the Urantia Book. Specifically it revolved around the concepts of physical aliens and celestial beings of a non physical nature.

I suppose a similar conversation could include other texts such as the Bible or another text of similar importance in the heart and mind of individuals with religious beliefs.

I am going to address this blog entry to the UB readers. It would apply equally to other non UB readers.

I have had this conversational question addressed to me on other occasions by individuals. The question is this: ” Free will is the basic law of the universe and texts such as the UB state no celestial may interfere with our free will. In addition, the UB speaks of the millions of inhabited worlds in our universe and says nothing about ET’s interfering on our world. How do you reconcile those ideas when evidence shows the opposite?”

As an individual who has indeed interacted with several ET groups on our world AND celestial off world I think I can address this topical area with some insight.

First, the UB as well as other respected texts are filled with information regarding interference by celestials in our planetary and individual development.

The UB describes 100 different celestial types from other planetary environments known as the Caligastia 100 who were transferred to our world with their advanced consciousness placed within artificial cloned bodies of 8 to 9 foot size.

These  beings totally interfered with our world genetics and education. Some of them still exist today and continue interference.

The UB and other texts speak of a being known as a Melchizedek. This celestial being took a physical form in similar fashion to change the direction of our world history which persists to this day. Major interference. AND this being was not from here thus an ET.

In the UB are references to “life carriers” which are also non earth based entities. They are known today by other names. Greys and Pleiadians and a few others.

The story of Adam and Eve , especially in the UB text details the history of ET (them), genetically modifying our worlds populations. These Adamic beings were not from here thus they were ET. They too were in nine foot bodies and were considered of semi-celestial status. Our world still has map locations with names from over 50,000 years ago in their historical appearance.

The UB itself is a form of interference although it used an intermediary with planetary free will to deliver the information.

The present day physical ETs use a similar technique by giving information to Earth born beings while leaving it up to the individual to pass on information.

They also use a kind of incarnational technique whereby an Advanced being inhabits a body formerly housing a different consciousness (with the original being’s permission), so that the information is technically from our planetary citizen.

This world is universally known to be designated as an EXPERIMENTAL WORLD. Normal universal rules are modified here.

Many UB readers seem to forget that and often point to references in the UB text that no more genetic manipulation is allowed by a high ranking celestial decree. What is forgotten is that only applies to the original physical types. Not to hybrids or other ET types living amongst us.

Nor does it prohibit a minimum of 35 other worlds beings who are allowed to visit here and interact here as part of an ancient event involving a high ranking being historically known as Lucifer.

I could write many pages of text regarding these subjects. I want to finish this summarization though with this bit of information I was given off world.

From the celestial point of view, the more adversity and challenge we experience in the flesh existence the faster we progress in our non physical/spiritual development.

This world is somewhat unique in its varied chaos and diverse challenges that most consider negative. The spiritual realms consider  those challenges a blessing as it fast tracks “free will” beings toward what the UB calls finaliter status.

Therefore, any number of celestial and physical ET types are located on our world and interfering with individual and planetary free will without interference unless there is a type of interference that goes against the Source Will. A topic for another time.