#48 Followup to 1987 off world experience.

UPDATE to my 1987 Urantia Experience.   I wanted to post this information a long time ago but to be honest it has taken nearly two years for me to understand most of the implications to the followup. You have read my previous post about my individualized experience “off world” to a place known as(…)

#47 Announcement

  The Past Lives tab is now being activated in sections. The link to past life  500,000 years ago is active along with other links.

#46 Most Dangerous Shape Shifter

    This will be one of my most difficult posts. I must be very careful not to identify this individual. She is still alive and I am not sure if she is the problem or she is a victim. Whatever the  is true she represents real potential danger to my well being. This will(…)

#45 Oh My! continued…

There are many inter-related stories that comprise the CUFOS Scottsdale experiences. Some of the stories are not mine but relate to mine. I tell them in this post in no particular order leaving the integration of their relevance to you. [They are relevant to me.] Data point 1:  While working at the CUFOS  [center for(…)

#44 Grays-Pleiadians-Men in Black Oh My!

Back in post # 34 I related my story about meeting Volney at the Center For UFO Studies in Scottsdale. I volunteered my time at that center to hopefully meet someone who had had an experience like mine off world to verify my information. I never did meet someone with my particular experience but I(…)

#43 Emerald Green Vortex…

I had one more presentation to give that day then we were to end the conference. I gave my presentation then the Symposium hosts performed their last ending ceremony and people began to leave for home. During the break out sessions, I had seen something called a mastermind group with intentional energy direction demonstrated. I wanted to(…)

#42 Fire that doesn’t burn.

  Continued from my post numbered #40. I have related that I was at the symposium for Interspecies and Interdimensional Communication as a speaker at the invitation of Mr. Donald Keys, one of the founders of a UN sponsored organization known as Planetary Citizens. Donald had advised all the participants that they might experience many(…)

#41 Another Shapeshifter.

  As I stated early on there are many kinds of shape shifters. So far, I have described a human hybrid with the ability to physically shift to another physical form. The north American Native Americans have legend of the skin walkers which is derived from such thought. I have described a reptilian ET with(…)

#40 Synchronicity of the Butterflies

[NOTE: Before I continue the story of the Ashland symposium I want to be clear. While it felt good to hear the applause, I was embarrassed.  I was not anyone special. I was giving a message from another species to the conference. As I tell you these stories please know I do NOT believe I(…)

#39 My Message from the Dolphins

  This a continuation from post number 24. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong on my journey to the symposium in Ashland, Oregon. My old car was acting up on the way to the airport. I wasn’t sure it would make it. I barely got to the place to park when it overheated.(…)

#38 Continued: Andre S. information

As stated in my previous post, these are the note items “Andre” shared with me. They are in no particular order. I want to mention though, that when I first encountered “Andre” AKA Bart I had no knowledge of the subject of NON-LOCAL AWARENESS also known today as Remote Viewing. Apparently, Andre has a very(…)

#37 The Mysterious “Andre S.”

Image: Stonehenge in England. A sacred geometry site. One of many important to the subject below.   You may recall from earlier posts that Richard Hoagland and I had co-authored a document requesting that the City of Phoenix, Arizona declare Cydonia on Mars as an archeological sister city site for international protection. The Russians of(…)

#36 The Time Traveler

He  was a man who says he was named  Al Bielek. I’m sure many people know his name today as he has had much national exposure since I first met him about 1989. There are pundits who say they have debunked Al’s story as being a time traveler. I really can’t buy into that because(…)

#35 Volney Continued…

According to Volney: “It became apparent early on they wanted our knowledge. They subjected us to all kinds of tests. Many of us had new abilities. Increased reasoning powers, telekenesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and such. I was able to juggle several ping-pong-balls in the air with my mind. We secretly knew that we’d never be released if our abilities stayed available(…)

#34 My Friend Volney Stefflre

Image: Professor Volney Stefflre (1990) I didn’t know Volney long, only about a year. In that year though we discovered we had a lot in common. I first met Volney at the Scottsdale, Arizona Center For UFO Studies which was founded by J. Allen Hynek. I was a volunteer there when he arrived one day(…)

#33 National Radio Show shut down by ETs?

  I’ve been a guest on about 600 talk radio programs representing the Meier story. When I was doing a two hour show on KCMO [Kansas City] with a five million person audience the Pleiadians made good on a promise. Prior to agreeing to represent Meier, I was instructed to portray the case without my own ego(…)

#32 Story- Tucson Arizona Alien Protection

Image: What happened to the recording of my live talk. Donald Keys had invited me to speak at the Tucson version of the Interdimensional and Interspecies Communications event. I had agreed to attend even though it was a very last minute invitation. I drove to Tucson with slide show and other handouts in tow. I arrived(…)

#31 Story: Interdimensional & Interspecies Communication Conference.

  I had now encountered three different types of ET related shape shifters. John with the possession type, Dr. C. of the mental field type (hiding behind an illusion) , and “Alice” a true physical shift. My paradigm of what is possible was expanding in huge proportions… or… I was crazy as a loon! A month went(…)

#30 Story continues : Volney Returns

John’s story was an unbelievable story to me because it involved me. Why would anyone care about me. I was nothing in the great scheme of things from my perspective. John hung around the HEC for many weeks until Christmas time. The HEC had a Christmas party. I attended hoping to meet a horny woman. I was lonely .(…)

#29 Story continues: John’s Story

  Previously I explained how Volney, a contactee friend, mysteriously appears at my office door with “John” a guy who apparently was being controled by interdimensional reptillian critters. Later I would learn that this particular type of ET was a “master” of certain “Gray” ET groups. John was being used to set me up for(…)

#28 Story continues: Mysterious “John” & Interdimensional Shifter

Image: “John” with his interdimensional handler.   I haven’t yet told you my story about another contactee named Volney. That will come soon. Remember I said I’d be telling some of the story out of sequence. Volney had disappeared nearly a year ago right after he had given me his manuscript ( yes another one)(…)