#89 How I was transported through TIME-SPACE without a craft.


Slide Tunnel text

 The image at the left is the first image on this blog site. It was the closest image I could find that represented what I experienced in 1987.

If you go to post number three you will encounter a letter I wrote to a foundation regarding my experience. It was not complete as I did not want to disclose everything but, it was accurate.

The image above appears as a tunnel with a lone individual traveling through the center. I did experience that sensation. The image details many smaller images around the walls of the tunnel … I experienced such but, I traveled through the images … thousands of them and experienced from three perspectives what each image represented.

I know now that those three perspectives are part of what we sense when in TIME-SPACE.

three points of view

This set of perspectives are present in our sensing when traveling TIME-SPACE experiences. These are the same three perspectives we encounter after physical death and we have a kind of life review prior to moving onward to our next level of life experience whether in a flesh form or semi-material form.

This explanation is important in order to understand how I was moved through an apparent “wormhole” to a new spacial location while in the body.

 As an example, let’s imagine I say something unkind to another individual. It hurts their feelings. They hold onto this hurtful experience for their whole life and never let it go.

I have caused them harm.

After I leave physical life, I will relocate in TIME-SPACE to a place that is not quite physical and not quite energy. I have referred to this as the in-between where time and space are blended  in a sense.

In this semi material place I will be able to review, in perfect detail, that experiential event of the unkind remark. I will recall it from my personal “subjective” perspective. I will also review it , feel it and follow its repercussions as if I was the recipient of the unkind remark.

I will also observe the experience as if I was watching a record of the experience / event.

It is in this OBJECTIVE, non-experiential point of view I will learn about the value of the  event. I will choose to forgive it, if necessary, or I will choose to learn more about it by reviewing other TIME-SPACE events of similar topic objectively … or I could choose to enter into a live SPACE-TIME experience from a subjective point of view once again. In essence, living through an alternate experience. One does not need to enter into a new lifetime experience to do this but, that option is also a possibility.

 Now, when I had my experience in 1987 my point of view as the experiencer was that I “felt” my body being transported through a tunnel-like corridor. I experienced the three perspective sensations of thousands of events where I, subjectively, was sensing each of the experiences personally in a subjective viewpoint … as well as sensing as an outside observer point of view. The alternate viewpoint, as a receiver was not sensed bu,t I knew that point of view was there.  I think this lack of the third observational point was because I was not experiencing a post physical death review.

 EVERYTHING I sensed while traveling through TIME-SPACE felt as if I was within SPACE-TIME … experiences seemed to be a physical reality through each event that flitted by in the blink of an eye.

TIME in my 1987 frame of reference DID NOT CHANGE as indicated by the digital clock on the nearby television set.

My SUBJECTIVE sensation was that I experienced months of being away from my 1987 physical location.

My SUBJECTIVE experience upon another physical world also felt as real as if I was in my own 1987 reality. So that is how I described it when I wrote my letter.

 Today, over 25 years later in this reality experience of 2014, after many investigative journeys into TIME-SPACE reviewing of my events of that 1987 experience … I now understand a different outcome about the way I was transported.

There are those in our Universe(s), who by our present Earth based frame of reference, have total command of the use of TIME-SPACE and SPACE-TIME from a mental and technological standpoint. They, if I can use that term to describe them, can locate and access any point , however fleeting, any-where and any-when as easily as we might change stations on a cable system.

They can enter that chosen event reality and literally snatch control of the subjects point of view and alter their perception in TIME-SPACE to experience an alternate reality from a SUBJECTIVE point of view. They aren’t actually transporting physical matter from one reality to another. They ARE changing the non-material conscious personality from where it was to a new observational position in TIME-SPACE whereupon it is brought into the new SPACE-TIME focus for experiencing.

The reverse is also possible.

It is as if my energy based body was moved into a new body elsewhere. The result was as if, from my personal perspective, I was moved through a great distance in SPACE-TIME … physically.

As the subject of the relocation I would not be able to detect otherwise. It would all feel real in a physical sense.

Today I know better.

My experience was as real as real can be to my perceptions, but my physical body remained in the living room while my consciousness moved elsewhere.

[NOTE: I had a similar experience as did a friend as described in post # 28 and post # 52.]

In 1987 I DID have several observed changes to my physical form that made me doubt my assessment of the consciousness transfer method described above.

My body had a static electricity reaction on all of my skin and the room appeared to glow a golden white light from my body. I also manifested new abilities such as the ability to energetically heal the physical damage of living creatures.

That might at first seem to imply my body moved elsewhere. However, the brain perceives what ever it wants. IF my consciousness was impressed with information regarding the off world experience, that information can easily be transferred along with my energy body as part of my subjective return to 1987 reality. Latent human abilities could also be activated with new information for my personal DNA.

In essence I was BOTH places in a bi-location experience where I had a perceived physical reality in both locations through TIME-SPACE.

No space craft required. Humorously,in analogy, I think of it as if I had my physical file emailed across the universe then returned with some added features as attachments.

My next post will explain:  How earth scientists use technology to transport through time-space and some detrimental effects that can occur and did occur to early test volunteers.