RI Misinterpretation continued 4

One last thought regarding the idea of the in-between.

This dimension is also where other entities exist. Some are known as inter-dimensional spacecraft, beings, faeries or djins or other mythological beings. They are not all myth.

Angels and other such beings often dwell there as well as higher energy realms. It is where you go when experiencing an OOB or a NDE. It is where some of your psychic observations take place.

Now, why would anyone want to hang out in the in-between? Or for that matter why would anyone want to return to the idea of being in a physical body when “heaven” awaits?

The reasons are as varied as the experiences anyone might have in the physical.

One thing is true about the progression of the soul/personality/identity. IT NEVER PROGRESSES backward in experience growth. That part of you that is really YOU never devolves. It is by nature a growth being.

It may, however, desire to experience new experiences in the physical to understand choice better. Because through choice we grow. How our personality chooses based upon different sets of circumstances leads to understanding itself in its growth as a dynamic being.

For example. I have listed several of my past life memories. How those memories were obtained is not important in the moment. What is important to know is that while I have listed them chronologically, they did not occur in a progressive time manner. One life experience 500,000 years ago may have been the third life experience with my 1800’s experience being the first.  My choice of time to experience from the viewpoint of TIME SPACE is not chronological although it can be.

Suppose for a theory, the very advanced ideas of Michelangelo are not because he was a genius or a time traveler as some propose. What if he had a life time experience in the far future and chose to reembody in his century as an artist and inventor? I guess that is a form of time travel but not in the science fiction sense.

There is yet another way memory experiences are brought with one in physical existence but that is a separate topic.

Now back to the concept of re-embodiment.

IF a progressing identity we call YOU wants to FEEL and EXPERIENCE free will in an observational reference of the physical … the only way to do that is to do it from the physical. I don’t make the rules … I’m just the messenger.  If a progressing identity  – personality – soul believes it has enough experience in the physical it can choose to leave the in-between and progress to the energy dimensions of NO TIME NO SPACE.

In that realm of dimensions which are infinite, the identity of YOU can both observe and move about in the Universe(s) in ways I won’t discuss here …but, it is a truly accelerated learning experience.

By the way. There is no such thing as hell. However you can experience “hellish” events if you choose. I had one of those in my 1900’s experiences. It will be posted soon.

I hope you see that the idea of being reborn in some lesser or greater physical capacity as a human or animal is twisted thinking. What one experiences is of one’s own choosing from the non physical. You are your judge. Other ministering spirits such as angels will consult with you in that in-between but ultimately it will be your choice as a progressing infinite being.

Lastly, TRANSMIGRATION does not exist as it is discussed in many religions. The idea of transmigration as to the components of your physical body does exists. Your identity-personality-soul however is ever progressive and does not experience lesser forms of life for experiences in choice making. One can always enter the minds of lesser life forms even in the physical as well as the in-between experience. (Research Remote viewing and NLA techniques for this.)

Urantia Book readers will find substance for this discussion in my UB RI posts.




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