Personal Disclosure

My Prison Adventure:

Prison Camp ADX

 (Prison Camp at Colorado Supermax Complex)

At the risk of sounding whiny at times I want to disclose that I have been to prison. AFTER my major paranormal experiences but before writing this blog.

I did have some paranormal experiences while in prison and those will be discussed within here and not on the main blog posts.

I know you hear that everyone claims they are innocent when they are sentenced  to a prison term. I suggest you listen to them. Such was my case, contrary to the Federal Prosecutors theory, and in spite of my conviction by a jury.

I was convicted of a NON-CRIME. A thought Crime. According to the government, I and a large group of others CONSPIRED TO DEFRAUD the United States out of taxes. Essentially we were accused of THINKING ABOUT doing something they considered illegal. They never interviewed me prior to any charges. I was simply a target.

We were not charged with violating ANY federal statutes, yet we were convicted of Conspiracy which is a type of crime literally impossible to defend against. You have to prove something never happened. An impossibility.

Essentially in the words of the prosecution they simply didn’t like what I and others were doing. Teaching people about the use of trusts. They contended ( on the record) that if you took all the statutes we DID NOT violate together it constituted a crime known as a Kline Type of Conspiracy.

There was no conspiracy, but the jury was so confused at the technical details and they later admitted they were in fear for themselves if they did not convict us of something.  So they convicted myself and four others of CONSPIRACY to do something undefined. Later the prosecutors redefined it as a tax crime without a statute to back it up. My sentence was 5 years plus probation for in the words of the judge “… to change my dangerous beliefs.” What were those beliefs? That the government should abide by the Constitution.

Yes, if you are a lawyer saying to yourself that can’t be… think again. The Feds have ways of making such happen.

I’ll eventually post the whole sordid event, a shameful play by government over honest citizens. But it is meaningless. I served five years, not counting the years of investigation and trial agony as well as years of probation. IT DID HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT IN MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. 

I am now a marked man with an invisible FELONY tattoo’d on my forehead for life.

When I got out of the Federal SUPERMAX complex in Colorado I was faced with the good citizens of my home town, my state and more not wanting to believe anything good about me. I have been unable to obtain even one serious interview for employment. It used to be people wanted me at any cost due to my ability to take something not working and make it better in business.

NO more.

I personally witnessed literally hundreds of honest, hard working human beings incarcerated along side me as “political” prisoners. Guilty of nothing more than pissing off their government in some endeavor. It could happen to you very easily. Today. Our system is very broken. Virtually every single co-inmate was victim of the term CONSPIRACY to do something.

More later.

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