20 cases reference material

These case notes are my notations taken from the book 20 Cases Suggestive of Re-Incarnation detailing well documented cases from around the world.

I have made this list to assist you in your study of the material. I claim no authorship of this material only the compilation of references.


Country: INDIA:

1- Name: Prakash , Died as a boy named Nirmal at age 10 in 1950, RE as Prakash a boy 1951.

2- Name: Jasbir, Died Soba Ran a male age 22 1954, RE as Jasbir age 22 in 1954.  [Note: This is an example of a walk-in. Spiritual personality switched at the behest of a “celestial” according to Jasbir.]

3- Name Sukla: dies as Mana a female in 1948, RE as Sukla a girl in 1954.

4- Name: Swarnlata died as Biya an older woman in 1939, RE as Kamlesh in 1939 a girl, died again in 1948 and RE again as Swarnlata 1948. [Note: this is an example of a 2 step RE where the personality died and RE’d twice.]

5- Name: Shankar, died Munna a boy age 6 in 1951 as the result of a murder. RE as Shankar a boy in 1951. [Note: Result from murder.]

6- Name: Mallika died a girl age 28 1949, RE Mallika a girl in 1955.

7-  Name Parmod, died Parmanand a boy  1943, RE as Parmod a boy in 1944.


Country of CEYLON:

1-  Name: Gnanatilleka, died Tillekeratne a boy of 13 in 1954, RE as Gnanatilleka a girl 1956.  [Note: sex gender changed in RE.]

2- Name: Wijeratne died Ratran Hami a male 1928 when executed for murder. RE Wijeratne a male in 1947. [Note: murder did not matter in survival by RE.]

3- Name: Ranjith died in WWII as a male  approximately 1939-42 as an English Christian, RE as a boy named Ranjith in 1942 a Buddhist. [Note:Formal religion doesn’t matter.]


 Country of BRAZIL:

1- Name: Marta, died Sinha a female age 27 1917 as a suicide, RE as Marta a female in 1918. [Note: suicide does not matter.]

2- Name: Paulo, died Emilio a boy in 1900, RE Emilia a girl in 1902, suicided  in 1921 because he did not want to be female and was RE a second time in 1923 as Paulo a boy. [Note: the freewill of the personality overrides the natural sex choice even when suicide is involved.]


Country of  USA: State of Alaska:

1- Name: Jimmy, died John a male age 25 in 1950. RE as Jimmy a boy in 1952.

2- Name: William a grandfather in 1949, RE as William a grandson of himself in 1950. [Note: The body does not matter it is only a place for the personality to reside.]

3- Name: Charles,died (unknown name) a male in 1881-2, RE as Charles a male in 1907.

4- Name: Norman, died Henery D., a male age 85 in 1937 RE as Norman in 1944 as his own grandson. [Note: a second case of the body doesn’t matter. It also indicates the personality has actual freewill control over where it chooses to RE.]

5- Name: Henery E., died with an unknown name, RE as an unknown name then died again 1897-8ish, then RE again as Henery E. a male in 1899.

6- Name: Derek, died unknown name a male in 1850 ish, RE Derek a boy in 1918.

7- Name: Corliss, died Victor as an adult male 1946, RE as Corliss a boy 1947. [Note: as in other cases the time span between RE does not matter.]


Country of LEBANON:

1- Name: Imad, died Khriby in a trucking accident as an adult male in 1943. RE as Imad a boy in 1958.

2- Name: Sleimann, died as Said another trucking accident as a male in 1943 June. RE as Sleimann a boy in 1943 December. [Note: time span does not matter.]


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