#91 Final post on Time Travel.

 As discussed in an earlier post, this is a continuation of time travel technology and it consequences as it pertains to the traveler.

There are rumors and whispers and overt disclosures of various “secret” programs that have been written about. One is the mythical but real “Philadelphia Experiment”, the “Billy Meier” time travel photos and text, Montauk research projects and others.

Individuals who have been part of such physical time experiences sometimes don’t come back quite the same as when they were not yet part of the travel experience.


Even if you utilize the non-physical aspects of TIME-SPACE access, if you cannot integrate what you have experienced when you have returned to your present SPACE-TIME anchored position you might be a little or perhaps a great deal … confused … which others might consider to be a form of insanity.

The experiences you witness are much like the fragmented image at the left. Each geometric shape containing fragmented information that you want to be able to reconstruct into a coherent whole, but, you are unable to understand what it all means. Fragments come into and out of your awareness. They feel so real but make little sense overall.

 The next image illustrates what such images might look like in your cognitive mind in SPACE-TIME when you try to understand your first travels. Like a broken mirror image you know you experienced much but the full picture is not clear, sounds are unrelated, smells are confused, feelings too weird and so on.


 The good news though, is that as you practice the non-physical travel, the experiences will eventually begin to clear as your mind begins to understand how to translate your experiential information acquisition of the imagery and other sensations…  which will integrate into crystal clear understanding.

 If you are/were part of some “non existent” research and were “let go” from such research because you became unstable, the instability can be corrected in a fairly straight forward manner.

Again a kinesthetic technique is utilized. The fragmented experiences are much like the fragmented personalities of a multiple personality disorder. Many personalities with alternate experiences that seemingly exclude each other.

Like a picture puzzle with  all the pieces separated. Each experiential personality life separate and without association.

Time travel can feel like that. Multiple lifetime memories are like that. Which information pieces are real and which are imagined and which are parts of separate experiences in alternate realities.



 This first fragmented image , in a series of three, represents a collection of information one might be trying to piece together without success.  Perhaps a viewing of something on another world like Mars.

In fact, this was my original reason for learning how to utilize TIME-SPACE travel. If you read my earlier posts about Bart Jordan, it was he who let me know it was possible.

Since it was unlikely I would ever physically go to Mars in this lifetime I wanted to go there anyway… and TIME-SPACE access was something that could be done. Of course I use such travel for many other reasons now but… that was my first goal.

Experiencing at first was indeed fragmented.

cydonia overlay


 After a number of practice attempts [ over many dozens], experiences began to be more cohesive with a kind of background imagery like the image at the left represents. Something trying to become understandable to all the information with which I was presented.


cydonia reconstructed


As I became familiar with the way such vast amounts of information were reconstructed the imagery became clear like the image of Cydonia on Mars at the left. Then I had an anchor point to work with and was able to move myself, my non-physical self, to the surface and in a Bi-Location mode walk around and experience the place in my present time. 

Later I would experience the same location in different TIME-SPACE coordinates and perform a kind of extra-planetary-archeology for knowledge about the Past of Mars. It was quite earth-like in the distant past.

 Such travel did make me feel, very often, separated from SPACE-TIME reality, much as you might feel when reading a good book and you fully identify with the character and locale of the setting within the text. You may take a few moments to refocus upon your present reality.

It can feel a lot more satisfying traveling and experiencing “out there” than it is in a more mundane life. At least it was and is at times for me.

For those who are part of the actual physical technology for such TIME-SPACE experiencing, who might have lost your focus on the mundane world I highly suggest you seek out someone with the kind of knowledge I learned regarding reintegration process using kinesthetic techniques. You might find it would be helpful.

This ends my posts on the general thought behind time travel from my experience. Questions are certainly proper as long as you stay out of the mathematical arena… that is not the focus of this series of posts.