#88 ET – Time Travel Information continued.

This is my second topic listed in the previous post #87.

How an individual travels through TIME-SPACE.


soul body

Previously, I explained what many readers may already know. YOU, the essential YOU is not your body even though you may identify with it.

The energetic/spiritual component of YOU is the real you. It is the non-corporeal essence of what you are with your unique personality.

The image at the left represents the essence of YOU. Although it has a male appearance in reality your essence is both and neither.

It is simply your universally unique personality which from time to time plays at being female or male or sometimes something else.

When you are within a physical body and encounter an experience involving TIME-SPACE movement into alternate SPACE-TIME experiences it is this energetic form of YOU that is primary to your experience. It actually has no shape even though I show a shape depicted here. That is so we can have a discussion with SPACE-TIME understanding.

When you utilize your physical body through the action of the internal gateway for exploration of TIME-SPACE you are NOT moving your physical body anywhere.

You ARE moving your energetic body somewhere. This is what gives you that bi-location experience feeling of awareness. Your primary focus of awareness is where you travel to while your physical body is still anchored in this SPACE -TIME with a kind of awareness tether remaining with your current physical body.

An analogy might be like a probe in the deep sea or to another world. YOU remain physically in your seat while using monitors to observe what your alter ego of the probe is experiencing. Not a difficult analogy to imagine.

The difference though IS that your “probe” IS PART OF YOU. Not some mechanical tool.

When you travel within a physical craft both parts of you experience the movement in TIME-SPACE utilizing physical tools like the craft you are within. As stated before this takes a great deal of energy since your physical body in this reality is itself very energetic. Composed of atomic structure that is atom by atom being held in this reality as a very large number of anchors that all need to to be released from the very fabric of SPACE-TIME they occupy. Without damaging that body construct.

This is done with another kind of torsion field encapsulating and protecting your physical construct as if you were inside a bubble floating below the sea.

However, when you travel as ONLY YOUR ENERGETIC personality self there is virtually no energy requirement for movement other than that required by your physical anchor in your present life physical body to remain alive. Your energetic awareness is free to roam.



After physical death your energetic awareness is still free to roam without the anchor of the body. In that state your perceived form is anything you want it to be however your personality structure will remain uniquely you. No matter where you roam in the universe(s) you will be recognizable to other personalities by your personality which is unique to you.

Now, with all that said, when you remove your awareness from an anchor point like your physical body, you experience ( after much practice) the bi-location feeling and your primary focus of the new experience in TIME-SPACE travel will feel as if YOU are present there and NOT in the HERE


  Navigation through TIME-SPACE with your aware energetic body is very similar to how you navigate your DVD video disc.


dvd 7702288_s


 For those readers who don’t understand  the mechanics of a DVD information retrieval system note the image above. It has the disc of which you are familiar encoded with large amounts of digital information which are converted into viewable images on your screen. The information is obtained with a laser beam of light projected upon the surface of the disc and the reflected information is processed by the machines electronic brain to make sense of the data so you can understand it.

YOU can jump around on the disc by using your remote controls for fast forward, stop, play, reverse and so forth.

YOU do the same thing with YOUR awareness when traveling in TIME-SPACE. YOU simply point your desire to a topic of interest and you are taken to that area of TIME-SPACE  to refine your search for the exact “time-place” you wish to experience.

You are not alone though. You have that Universal Librarian we call by many names such as the Source or God assisting you with navigation. As I stated before you don’t have to be a believer for that to be true. It is what it is because THAT deity created your personality as a holographic portion of itself. YOU and IT are part of your energetic body without an ability to separate on your part. You are the driver of the car with a passenger in the back who can give directions for you to choose to follow or not.

The next post #89 will explain: How I was transported through TIME-SPACE without a craft.